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Twenty packages received 26 awards out of a record-setting 87 entries in the Flexible Packaging Association's 2003 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition. For the third year in a row, two packages tied for the prestigious Highest Achievement Award.

As evidenced by the winners of the 2003 competition, the flexible packaging industry is paying close attention to consumer packaging needs and responding with exceptional packaging solutions. Shelf stable portable snack packs, easy-opening portion control packages, and step saving packaging solutions help today's time crunched consumers while reducing waste and mess.

Following are descriptions of the winning packages:

Highest Achievement Award Winners

Cryovac Simple Steps
Cryovac Division, Sealed Air Corporation

Highest Achievement Award Winner in Packaging Excellence

The new Cryovac® Simple Steps package employs technology that allows meat products such as pot roast, meatloaf, barbecue and stews to be cooked, shipped, displayed, and reheated all in the same package. Processors benefit from the reduction in steps during processing while meeting food safety and shelf life requirements, while consumers benefit from the ease of preparation and serving. The unique vacuum skin seal contours to the product for clearer identification and greater merchandising appeal. The unique self-venting system allows the vacuum skin film to expand during reheating to form a bubble that self-vents, then relaxes over the food. The EZ open tab to peel off the film eliminates the need for consumers to puncture or cut the film either before or after reheating.

Hershey's Portable Pudding Stick Pack
Curwood, Inc.

Highest Achievement Award Winner in Packaging Excellence
(Also a Gold Award Winner in Technical Innovation and a Silver Award Winner in Environmental Achievement)

The Hershey's Portable Pudding Stick Pack is the first portion controlled aseptic stick pack on the market. The new package provides a new solution for families on the go as it requires no refrigeration, eliminates the use for utensils and is fun for kids to use. The new package uses a high barrier film which is cost effective, easy to open, reduces waste and requires less storage space than cups. In fact, material costs have been reduced by almost half the cost of the cup/lid. Additionally, the package features improved graphics over the pudding cup since the entire stick pack can be printed. The use of reverse printing also enhances the graphic appeal of the package.

Gold Award Winners

NutraSeal Film Package for LifePAK Dietary Supplement
Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc.

Gold Award Winner in Packaging Excellence
(Also a Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation)

Replacing a packaging material that provided an inadequate barrier and poor seals, the new packaging film, NutraSeal, is used to package nutritional supplements that are highly moisture sensitive. NutraSeal is composed of Rollprint ClearFoil ® M, an aluminum-oxide coated polyester film, and is coextrusion coated with a blended polyolefin sealant layer. The polyolefin blend results in heat seals so strong they don't break, even when a person stands on them; yet the package is very easy to open along the serrated edge. Since converting to the new flexible structure, failure rates have dropped to one-tenth of one percent (0.1%).

Sainsbury Rice Retort Stand-Up Pouch
CLP Industries LTD

Gold Award Winner in Packaging Excellence

Providing a new, convenient solution for ready-to-eat rice, this stand up pouch requires no refrigeration, is microwavable, and uses a high barrier clear laminate that extends the shelf life of the cooked rice up to 12 months. The pouch resists the extreme conditions of the retort process as well as drop-test requirements. The 8-color gravure printing renders appetizing graphics and provides a strong shelf presence.

Beechnut Rice Cereal for Babies On the Go Pouch
Amgraph Packaging, Inc.

Gold Award Winner in Printing Achievement & Environmental Achievement
(Also a Silver Award Winner in Packaging Excellence)

This new stand up pouch with resealable zipper offers a new look and feel in packaging for infant cereal. Intended to provide an additional solution to the brand's current folding carton, the new stand up pouch allows parents to easily store, carry and reseal the product. The package structure is stiff enough to hold its shape while in the filling process, yet not so thick that the use of high heat and long dwell times are necessary to seal the pouch. The Beechnut Rice Cereal pouch employs six-color electron beam lithographic printing, which allows Amgraph to print and lacquer with no odors, VOCs or solvents.

Pliant Corporation
Ore Ida Roasted Reds Garlic and Rosemary Package

Gold Award Winner in Printing Achievement

This package utilizes an 8-color flexographically printed lamination to provide outstanding shelf presence in the freezer case. Direct-to-plate digital processing was used for superior image quality without the high cost of rotogravure printing. Additionally, the direct-to-plate technology compressed the work flow and improved quality control. Also featured on the package is an Inno-Lok® reclosable feature for consumer convenience. Together, these features compliment the market launch of this new, value enhanced specialty product.

Pennzoil-Quaker State Shrink Sleeve

Gold Award Winner in Printing Achievement

Replacing a standard shaped oil bottle with a paper label, this new vibrant 7-color rotogravure shrink label fits around a unique racecar shaped bottle for incomparable shelf presence and consumer appeal. Featuring Quaker State's Number 24 Nascar driver, Jeff Gordon, this unique package has created excitement within the mature motor oil market. Complex distortion factors had to be calculated when designing and printing the label in order to have it properly fit the irregularly shaped bottle.

Safeway Vegetable Potstickers Stand-Up Pouch
Nordenia U.S.A., Inc.

Gold Award Winner in Printing Achievement

This reclosable stand up pouch was reverse printed on a high gloss polyester film using transparent, fade-resistant inks. Choosing gravure over flexo allowed the design to be printed using 6 colors instead of 8, which reduced pre-press and cylinder costs. The photographic quality and overall graphic layout of the package provides the consumer with a clear understanding of what the product is.

Aseptic Gravity Flow Valve™ Package
International Dispensing Corporation

Gold Award Winner in Technical Innovation

This reclosable stand up pouch was reverse printed on a high gloss polyester film using transparent, fade-resistant inks. Choosing gravure over flexo allowed the design to be printed using 6 colors instead of 8, which reduced pre-press and cylinder costs. The photographic quality and overall graphic layout of the package provides the consumer with a clear understanding of what the product is.

Gerber Lil' Entrees Lidstock
Pechiney Plastic Packaging

Gold Award Winner in Technical Innovation

The retortable high-barrier plastic, peelable, retortable lidstock combined with a divided plastic tray pairs two baby/toddler foods in one container which can be microwaved for up to 30 seconds. The barrier properties of the lidstock and tray allow a one-year expiration date to be used for an all plastic container. Additionally, the unique configuration offers consumers the ability to purchase, transport and prepare one container per meal rather than two separate containers of food.

Silver Award Winners

Frugos Pulpa de Manzana Pouch
Peruplast S.A.

Silver Award Winner in Packaging Excellence

This vivid stand up pouch contains shelf stable, 100 percent natural apple juice concentrate and provides an easy opening and pouring feature. Less costly and safer than a glass bottle and label, the PET pouch provides enhanced consumer appeal due to the vibrant graphics, which are reverse gravure printed using 8 colors. Additionally, by replacing the glass bottles with the flexible stand up pouch, less warehouse space is needed for the storage of packaging materials.

Gooberlicious Dog Treats Stand-Up Pouch
Pechiney Plastic Packaging and NEX

Silver Award Winner in Packaging Excellence

The unforgettable reclosable stand up pouch for Gooberlicious Dog Treats is composed of several layers of film including an M0086 Inflex sealant web from NEX. The Inflex grade has specific properties that combined can't be found using standard polyethylene films, such as increased stiffness and improved seal strength, gloss and haze. The M0086 offers the end user and converter the ability to downgauge and reduce costs, as well as reduce seal temperatures in order to speed up processing.

Triangle Coatings Grout Pouch
Specialty Films & Associates, Inc.

Silver Award Winner in Packaging Excellence

The Triangle Coatings Grout Pouch represents a new type of package in its market, replacing the rigid acrylic bottles used in the past. The hermetically sealed, spouted pouch features a clear front panel which allows the consumer to view the grout color and consistency. The hermetically sealed spout provides a unique method of applying the grout directly from the pouch, eliminating the need for troweling, remixing and spatula application. Composed of a soft, resilient multi-layer laminate, the pouch invites consumers to "feel" the product and further allows them to "re-mix" the product simply by massaging the pouch.

Lundberg Family Farms Rice Chips Package
Progressive Packaging Ltd.

Silver Award Winner in Printing Achievement

Combining new digital thermally developed plates with 10 color gearless flexographic printing allows for fast set-ups and superior graphics on this snack chip pouch. Employing a 120 line screen with 1% minimum dot makes the bag's graphics jump off the pouch, enhancing shelf appeal when compared to other packages.

Welch's 24 Pack 11.5 oz Variety Pack Wrap
Bemis Polyethylene Packaging Division

Silver Award Winner in Printing Achievement

Replacing a printed corrugated tray with a placard card and a cloudy plain polyethylene wrap, the new Welch's polyethylene wrap incorporates vibrant 8-color process printing that significantly enhances the shelf appeal and helps consumers make a quicker point-of-sale purchasing decision. The coex film is very resilient to scuffing and is ideal for this large and heavy product. After switching to the new printed wrap, Welch's saw a 15% sales increase in unit volume.

Fairytale Brownies® Individual Brownie Wrapper
Alcan Packaging

Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation

Alcan Packaging's Ceramis®, an internally developed and manufactured SiOX coated film, was used for the new Fairytale Brownie wrappers in order to extend the shelf life of the product while maintaining the clarity of the film. The opening of the package was also enhanced with a micro zig-zag edge on the crimp seal. To simulate the look of the previous package's adhered metallic sticker, Alcan Packaging worked with Eckart America's ULTRASTAR® ink system to offer the look of a metallized label without the limitations. The six-color flexo job surpasses the appearance of a foil label, and the reverse printing eliminates the abrasions that the previous labels suffered. The package provides a high quality, clean look, more information, and costs about two-thirds the price of a demetallized structure.

Kappler's Chem-Tape®
Cadillac Products Packaging Company

Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation

This proprietary, chemical resistant, multilayer film lamination is further converted into an adhesive tape product for use with high barrier chemically protective clothing worn by those handling and exposed to hazardous liquid chemical and warfare agents. The tape can be used to cover stormflaps, sleeve cuffs and other openings present in protective clothing in order to provide a complete "package" in terms of overall protection for the end-user. In lab testing for Kappler, the lamination had normalized breakthrough times greater than 480 minutes on many aggressive chemicals.

Kool-Aid® Jammers Pouch
Alcan Packaging and Pliant Corporation

Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation
(Also Winner of Members' Choice Award)

This visually appealing and fun stand-up pouch required the development of a clear, high barrier EVOH film for Kool-Aid® in order to reinforce the brand identity of Kool-Aid juice drinks. Alcan Packaging, the world's leader in stand-up pouches for the beverage industry, is the acting converter for this packaging. The multi-layer film replaces the existing foil layer to allow visibility of the beverage color through the back of the pouch while maintaining barrier properties for flavor and vitamin retention. The film also withstands the high temperatures required for filling the package.

Pump-Mate Bottle Liners
PBM Plastics, Inc.

Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation

The Pump-Mate breast milk storage and feeding system utilizes durable baby bottle liners that can easily withstand the freezing and thawing process, allowing moms to pump, freeze and feed from the same liner. Independent lab testing by ACTS found that compared to other leading liners, PBM's bottle liners had 15% better impact resistance and 28% better compressive strength. Additionally, the liners have no seams, thereby virtually eliminating leaks by removing the stress points.

Sun Shine Ice Melting Compound Bag
Plassein International

Silver Award Winner in Technical Innovation

This new stand-alone heavy-duty reclosable sack features a built in handle and tamper evident opening, and employs embossed anti-skid technology that allows significantly more units to be safely loaded per pallet, cutting distribution costs. Additionally, the tubular package design allows for side panel printing in order to increase the billboard effect. The new package reflects a 33% savings in material cost over a corrugated container with a poly bag liner.