Max Katz Bag Company has been manufacturing and converting synthetic and man made products to serve a variety of industries for decades. Our most popular line of products is for the construction industry and includes our all weather multi-purpose reinforced films, used mainly for building enclosures and covers, and different types of concrete curing blankets to suit every climate. Our reinforced films are designed for a wide range of applications, available in a range of weights, thicknesses, and special composites.We specialize in the manufacturing and sale of various blends of blown films. Our custom made packaging films in sheet, tube, and bag forms, are used directly by our customers who are converters, or users of these products designed specifically for their needs. In addition to our blown films, we offer a wide range of custom extrusion coating products. Our laminates are highly resistant to tears and punctures with an exceptional ability to withstand extended exposure to adverse weather conditions and contaminates. Our products have excellent chemical resistance and low permeability providing maximum protection.


185 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 105, Annapolis MD 21401

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