North America Food Contact Recycled Plastics Virtual Meeting


10:00 am – 1:00 pm ET

North America Food Contact Recycled Plastics Virtual Meeting

Friday, April 30, 202110:00 am

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As many large beverage and FMCG companies take the stance to commit to at least 50% recycled content in their packaging by 2030, brands will continue to source food-grade certified recycled materials.

There is an emphasis throughout North America on increasing the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, including plastic.

FDA considers each proposed use of recycled plastic on a case-by-case basis and issues informal advice as to whether the recycling process is expected to produce PCR plastic of suitable purity for food-contact applications.

With the current limited supply of food-grade recycled plastics and rising demand for recycled content in packaging, can chemical recycling of hard-to-recycle plastics step in?

What is the position on chemically recycled plastics used for food packaging in North America?

Increasing recycling in North America is not easy as it requires solving challenges related to consumer behavior, access to recycling, efficient collection and sortation methods, recovery capabilities, and economics and end markets.

Find out at North America Food Contact Recycled Plastics on what it would take to truly increase the use of food-grade rPET, how is the PP market responding to the circular economy demands, and how to recycle flexible packaging.


  • Mitzi Ng Clark, Partner, Keller and Heckman
  • Dr. Mark Hepp, Scientist, Keller and Heckman
  • Alexander Delnik, Chief Operating Officer, CarbonLite Industries
  • Dr. Keith Vorst, Director - Polymer and Food Protection Consortium, Iowa State University
  • Erika Nist, Internal/External Relations, SeaCa Packaging