UV LED for Wide Web, Flexible Packaging Webinar

Thursday, December 05, 2019
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

UV LED technology is now the dominant curing source in various industry segments including digital inkjet printing and spot cure adhesives.

 In other markets such as narrow web label, UV LED technology is an increasingly viable option for both new presses and retrofits and has been steadily gaining market share with respect to conventional mercury lamps for the past ten years. Advancements in all early adopter applications are being leveraged to push UV LED curing into wide web flexible packaging where many converters are still largely unfamiliar with the technology. The long list of UV LED curing benefits and its growing preference in first mover markets suggest that UV LED will eventually dominate the world of wide web converting. So, what should flexible packaging converters know about UV LED curing technology today and what does it really mean for the future of wide web applications?

Join Joe Spinnato and Jennifer Heathcote, two subject matter experts in UV LED curable materials and curing systems, for an in-depth webinar. Topics to be covered include an introduction to UV LED curing technology, industry market trends, migration and sustainability needs, wide web UV LED coating and adhesive applications, and product development plans. Joe and Jennifer will help wide web converters make sense of UV LED technology and provide insight into the future of commercially available materials. The material is meant to assist converters as they pursue improved top and bottom-line business results. This webinar is intended for those new to UV LED technology and its application in mid and wide web flexible packaging.

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