FPA Releases 2016 Industry Compensation Report

This Report provides data on wage and benefits for both hourly and salaried employees in the flexible packaging industry. FPA received responses from 33 converter member companies for this year’s Compensation Survey, and participants indicated they had employment totaling over 13,000 people, or over 70% of the flexible packaging industry total employment of nearly 79,000 employees.
The 2016 Industry Compensation Report includes a good cross section of small, mid and large converter companies in the flexible packaging industry and provides:

  • Industry data regarding hourly and salaried employees’ wages and benefits. 
  • Average salary levels broken down by company/plant size (based on annual sales revenue), region (i.e. northeast, south, mid-west, and west) and primary manufacturing operation. 
  • Flexible packaging hourly and salaried wage & benefit (including union contract) data to serve as a source for benchmarking and in contract negotiation situations.​​

The Report is only available to FPA converter members who participated in the corresponding survey. For more information, please contact FPA at fpa@flexpack.org.

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