FPA Welcomes CleanPlanet Chemical, Inc.

The FPA is pleased to welcome CleanPlanet Chemical, Inc. as an asociate member. CleanPlanet is changing the way companies acquire chemicals and manage waste.  Our business is built on the premise that much of what has traditionally been considered “waste” is actually reusable, valuable product.  We help customers extract this value by providing our new, patented solvent recovery technology free of charge.  Customers simply pay for the recycled solvents at a guaranteed discount.  We partner with customers through the entire process handling the installation, operator training, all repair and maintenance, and also monitor units on an ongoing basis through our proprietary wireless information system.  No investment, day one savings, huge environmental impact. The company’s FPA Official Representative is Alex Richert, CEO and the Alternate Representative is Trent Staats, COO. For more information on CleanPlanet Chemical, Inc., please visit their website, www.cleanplanetchemical.com


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