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The Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) is the premier market research association of the graphic communications industry and recently released several reports that may be of interest to FPA members.

  • The North American Market for Printed Rigid and Flexible Plastics: The North American printed packaging market keeps growing, pushed by increasing sales in market segments such as food, home and personal care, and agricultural. Printed plastics is the fastest growing type of packaging and flexible plastic packaging and labels are the fastest growing applications.
  • Global Trends in Packaging Affecting North American Converter and Supplier Markets: While packaging is the fastest growing segment of the North American printing industry, there are major forces threatening some of the packaging segments. These include an aging workforce, off-shore manufacturing, consolidation at each level of the supply chain, and trade imbalances.
  • Worldwide Printing Industry Consumables, Inks & Substrates Usage and Trends: Global economic indicators are favorable to printing industry growth. But market changes can dramatically impact the consumables market. Although global printing consumables demand will rise at a real inflation adjusted rate of 1.0% per year from 2016 to 2018, growth will vary greatly by printing technology, applications and world regions.

The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) and Karstedt Partners recently completed a research study that focuses on the decision-making and evaluation processes flexible packaging converters go through to make their digital investment. 

  • Digital Printing for Packaging:Flexible Packaging - How and Why Decisions are Made: SGIA identified the purpose of this study as, “to get into the mind of the converter regarding digital investment.” The report focuses on the decision-making and evaluation processes packagers go through to make their digital investments. What leads converters to invest? For many packagers, production needs were the main drivers of their decision to go digital, but customer influence is also important. What challenges are expected prior to the investment? The challenges are anticipated in getting sales teams up to speed, handling finishing and secondary processes, and training the production staff. 

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