Apr 16, 2019 PDF Document Sustain the World: the Case for Flexible Packaging - General Documents, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Packaging
This brochure presents six LCA case studies in abbreviated form, each of which evaluates common packaging formats for their environmental impacts with a cradle-to-grave boundary. The products used in the case studies span multiple market segments...
Mar 28, 2019 PDF Document FPA/IHS Polyethylene Report, March 2019 - Industry Resources, Industry Statistics , Market Research, Industry Analysis
As part of IHS Markit’s ongoing services for the FPA, IHS has written a follow-up polyethylene report based on the presentation given by Nick Vafiadis, Vice President, Plastics, IHS Markit, at the recent FPA Annual Meeting, held March 6-8, 2019...
Mar 14, 2019 PDF Document EHS Committee Meeting Minutes, October 2018 - Environmental, Regulatory, Safety
Mar 14, 2019 PDF Document Environmental Issues Index, February 2019 - General Documents, Legislative, Environmental Issues Regulatory Index, Environmental, Regulatory
A quarterly compilation of current regulatory activity pertaining to the flexible packaging industry.
Mar 12, 2019 PDF Document Winds of Change, Alex Chausovsky, 2019 Annual Meeting - Annual Meeting Presentations
Mar 12, 2019 PDF Document The Polyethylene Market Update, Nick Vafiadis, 2019 Annual Meeting - Annual Meeting Presentations
Mar 12, 2019 PDF Document European Flexible Packaging Update, Jan Homan, 2019 Annual Meeting - Annual Meeting Presentations
Mar 07, 2019 PDF Document FPA Achievement Awards & Innovation Showcase, 2019 - General Documents, Industry Resources, Advances and Advantages, Achievement Awards, Industry Information
The Flexible Packaging Association is pleased to present the FPA 2019 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase, which features flexible packaging solutions that meet expectations and needs through advancements in materials...

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