Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2005 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner

Designers: Brianne Hartung, Alyssa Downing, Brad Homan
University: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Technical Assistance: Exopack L.L.C. – Tomah, WI

This package provides a leap in shoe sales because of the innovative use of flexible packaging, which allows consumers to see the shoes without having to continually open boxes to find a particular style or size. The rigid insert addresses stack ability issues.




Second Place Winner

Blade Aid Packaging
Designers: Clare Cheung, Kenneth Chu
University: San Jose State Universit

This package helps to prevent cutting blade or sharp object related injuries. The package is a convenient single-piece package developed from plastic film. It has a very similar design as the packaging of a band-aid, where single-serve products are connected together. It also obtains a safe and easy tear opening feature, which allows consumers to remove the product from the package without exposing him/herself to the sharp edge of the blade.



Foil Potato Chip Bag
Designer: Allyson M. Hewitt
University: Indiana State University

This package represents an innovative solution by offering three, zip lock features and tear away strips. These features will allow the consumer to eat a fresh product every time and provide better accessibility.




The Microbial Indicator Polymer Pouch
Designer: Elizabeth Tuttle
University: University of Wisconsin-Stout

This package helps to solve the challenge of E-Coli contamination in today's society by providing visual detection of microbial spoilage.


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