Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2007 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner


Designers: Jimmy Chhun, Gianni Donati, Marisa Gaitan, Michael Le and Gilbert Posadas

University: California Polytechnic State University

The CoughCure provides easy-to-use, pre-filled disposable pouches of cough medicine.  The pouches will include a twist off top for easy dispensing. The pouches of cough medicine will come in a child proof, stand-up pouch which is resealable. The pouches would be constructed with 92 gauge PET laminated with .0036 PE, an adhesive called Ultra Barrier©, which is PvDC used to laminate the two films together. The Ultra Barrier© will help maintain shelf life while enabling the consumer to view the various flavors of the product.



Second Place Winner

Cereal Later

Designers: Kristen Bantz, Natasha Fernandez, Miriam Gee,Melanie Kronemann, Bryan Neff and Patrick Ribera-McKay

University: California Polytechnic State University

Cereal Later is a portable single serving of milk and cereal in a disposable recyclable pouch. The pouch will stand on its own and will serve as a bowl once opened. It is composed of the plastic pouch as a whole, and two separate pouches on the inside that contain the milk. The milk pouches will run along the two long, rectangular sides and can be opened by a tear strip that will release the milk into the cereal. The exterior pouch, which contains the cereal, can be resealed if necessary. The pouch will be made with an aluminum support material on the inside and coated with Polyethylene on the outside. There will be a plastic wrapped HDPE spoon attached to the back of the pouch for compete convenience.




Clorox Quick Wash

Designers: Justin Miller, Matt Moulis, Rodolf Pantoja, Kevin Spach and Ben Steyaert

University: California Polytechnic State University

This easy-to-use and convenient laundry pack contains three different pouches containing bleach, detergent and fabric softener. Each is an individually packaged dehydrated (powder), compressed detergent. PVOH with soy based ink is used for the water soluble flexible packaging and graphics. These pre-measured laundry supplies will provide consumers with the convenience of grabbing a pouch of bleach, detergent and fabric softener without the inconvenience of large boxes or heavy containers.




Dissolvable Chlorine Pouches (Home Pool Maintenance)

Designer: Zach Korwin

University: Rochester Institute of Technology

The dissolvable chlorine pouch provides a safer way to add chemicals to a pool for regular pool maintenance. Currently, packaging for pool chlorine consists of a large bucket filled with loose granulated chlorine, which is hazardous. The pouches provide a barrier and decrease the risk of human contact with the chemical. The dissolvable chlorine pouch replaces the existing rigid chlorine bucket. The filling process can use a form, fill and seal machine. This package also reduces shipping cost due to the use of the stand-up pouch.





Easy Pull Coffee Filter Package

Designers: Lupe Monroy, Cyndy Randell and Ethan Stansbury

University: California Polytechnic State University

This flexible package for coffee filters not only improves protection but more importantly implements a new opening, which vastly improves the filter removal process. This will be achieved by fusing an easy pull opening to an attractive and functional package. Consumers will first remove a thin plastic safety film to reveal the easy pull opening beneath. The opening will function like a box of tissue or a post-it dispenser. Users will use the starter tab to remove the first filter and ready the second filter for quick removal.




Easy-to-Transport Wine Pouch

Designers: Mike Brown, Sean Graff, Dana Perkins, Javier Santana and Tracy Worth

University: California Polytechnic State University

A new innovation in flexible packaging application, small serving pouched wine, will address the current market gap of small portions of wine in flexible, non-glass packaging. This package allows for portability and effective resealing.




Epoxy Resin/Catylist Pouch

Designer: Monica Barba

University: California Polytechnic State University

The pouch contains Epoxy Resin and Catalyst/Hardener in their proper mixing ratio for a single use. A divider in the middle of the pouch separates the catalyst from the resin until the user breaks the divider allowing the two parts to be mixed within the pouch. Also, a dye could be included to allow the user to verify complete mixing.





Flexible Packaging for Soup

Designer: Gaurav Dabholkar

University: Michigan State University

Replacing traditional packaging for soup (steel can, thermoformed white PP bowl, injection molded white HDPE cup) this flexible package for soup is microwaveable. The pouch has an HDPE handle attached in the center, which makes it convenient to use. Cost savings are increased due to a decrease in materials used to produce the packaging. 




Frozen Pasta Sauce Package

Designer: Zach Korwin

University: Rochester Institute of Technology

The frozen pasta sauce package offers a simple, convenient way to heat and serve pasta sauce. The simple, convenient package appeals to consumers that don't have much time but want a nutritious meal, and also simplifies cooking for children and the handicapped.





Lets Roll Baby: Portable Changing Station

Designers: Sean Ipakchi, Rebecca McKay and Matt Sanchi

University: California Polytechnic State University

This portable and flexible, all-in-one travel diaper changing station has resealable compartments containing baby powder, wipes and diapers. The main tray of the compartments would be sealed with a flexible polystyrene layer that doubles in purpose as a soft removable pad for the baby to be placed on. This product would assist the traveling parent in the task of diaper changing, as well as a space saver.





Micro Huevos

Designers: Kevin Lang, Joel Kampfe, James Manley, AnneMarie Cordeiro and Brad Clemens

University: California Polytechnic State University

Micro Huevos are individually packaged, pre-mixed egg or egg whites, meat and vegetable combinations in pouches for omelets or scrambled eggs. This packaging would increase the shelf life of eggs and create an easily portable, nutritious breakfast with less mess. The pouch is made of biodegradable PLA plastic, gusseted to allow stand-up display and greater storage capacity. The benefits of this plastic are its sustainability, its transparent nature allows for easy display and good barrier properties keep the product fresh for an extend period of time.




"Phresh" Pizza Package

Designers: Tom Conklin, Tiffany Kusnman, Tiffani Nguyen, Richard Webb and Austin Wilson

University: California Polytechnic State University

With the use of flexible packaging, the “Phresh” Pizza Package is an innovative way to package a bake-at-home pizza, allowing for maximum shelf life and freshness. The package would include cheese, toppings, sauce and come in three different sizes.




Potty Pal, The

Designer: Courtney Barrett, Kevin Bussett, Brittany Follett, Christopher Fung and Dora Mountain

University: California Polytechnic State University

The package design is made from a single sheet of plastic film (i.e. similar to HDPE for plastic bags) with measurements of 5.5”x 29”. The edges are then folded up in an accordion style and then heat sealed. When the package is complete it will measure 4.5” x 5.5”, with approximately 1” of thickness when packaged with accompanying products. The final design will be similar to a bi-fold wallet. This product includes six toilet seat covers, 60 squares of double ply toilet paper and six separately sealed wet wipes.



Rush Brush

Designers: Chris Hamblin, Aaron Loomis, Emily Marsh, Carol Pan and Jessica Rencher

University: California Polytechnic State University

The Rush Brush consists of individually packaged servings of toothpaste for people on the go. Each serving is packaged into thermally sealed biodegradable tubes that hold the ideal amount of toothpaste for each brushing along with wound floss for use. With a perforated edge on each tube, Rush Brush is easy to open and squeeze out. Measuring one inch in length and .2 inches in diameter, Rush Brush is small in profile and easily stowed in luggage and daypacks, or even a pocket. Because of its size and environmentally friendly features, Rush Brush is perfect for the traveler or hiker who knows exactly how many days and nights he or she will be gone.



Save the Teeth

Designer: Jessica Prudhomme

University: Rochester Institute of Technology

Save the Teeth provides a novel solution for consumer health care, by improving the health care support of root life immediately after displacement. By placing dislocated teeth in the milk bath, the roots receive the calcium and vitamins capable of keeping them alive for successful replacement within twenty-four hours.





Soft Pack Oil with Fill

Designers: Art Lau, Brittny Lejeune and Jose Vargas

University: California Polytechnic State University

Motor oil is packaged in this one-quart, free standing soft pack with an attached fold-over spout with a tear off opening. Incorporating flexible packaging will reduce the need for an additional funnel for the filling of oil into vehicles. The no spill spout can be grasped with the thumb and index finger, then directed to the oil-fill cap and released.




Sterilization Pocket

Designers: Glenn Eldridge, Erin Fisher, Leslie Horton and Trevor Strickland

University: California Polytechnic State University

This 4x4 plastic pouch houses a medical cloth material, which is soaked in 70 percent ethanol.  One side of the pocket can be removed by a perforated opening, allowing access into the ethanol soaked medical cloth.  From this opening laboratory utensils can be inserted to dissolve and remove contaminants. The 70 percent ethanol solution has good solubility properties and removes most particles. This also makes it necessary to make the entire package out of material which is insoluble to ethanol. Additionally the ethanol solution evaporates quickly, so drying time is minimal and the ethanol solution disinfects to reveal a sanitary surface.


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