Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2008 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner

Flexible, Stand Up Shampoo or Conditioner Pouch

Student Team Members: Colin Gibbs, Teddy Phan, Alana Riparbelli and Andrew Shrum

School: California Polytechnic State University

A flexible, stand-up package for shampoo or conditioner intended for both home and travel use. The package allows the product to be squeezed out more easily, which allows the consumer to use the entire product before disposing of the package. The innovative, large twist-up nozzle eliminates accidental openings during travel, and promotes ease of use in the home for people of all ages. The package is transparent with the added feature of color coordinated product, nozzle and labeling for added shelf appeal.



Second Place Winner


Student Team Members: Jeff Elkins, Ryan De la Riva, Nathan Finch, Paula Durongwong

School: California Polytechnic State University

The new and innovative Chem-lite is the ultimate safety utility tool for any emergency or protective gear. This is a new and improved flexible package that comes in a custom, triangular shape. The light is activated by squeezing a blister pack full of 35 percent Hydrogen Peroxide and reacting chemically with a fluorescent dye and Cyalume. The Chem-lite is safe, can be used by children, and is portable and lightweight.



Astro Bites!

Student Team Members: Alexandria Bennett, Eric Gasser, Isaac Rush and Nhat Tran

School: California Polytechnic State University

Freeze-dried ice cream has previously been marketed to the outdoor activist who needs non-perishable food for traveling. This product is creating a new market for an existing product. The unique packaging of the Astro Bites! will lure customers to try something new. The stand-up pouch allows consumers to buy larger portions and reseal after each use. This package also replaces the rigidity and less convenient form of carton ice cream.




Better Butter

Student Team Members: Joanne Sundrud, Michael Williams, Noelle Lee, Raymond Warner

School: California Polytechnic State University

Better Butter is a novel package designed for all culinary customers. The toothpaste-shaped dispenser with pre-measured marks, is fatigue-resistant, cost effective and safe to use.





Campbell’s Souper Bag

Student Team Members: Andryanna Tesoro, Valerie Sison, Christopher Lloyd, Kenny Tucker

School: California Polytechnic State University

This new stand-up pouch brings innovatition to the soup market. Each pouch  contains an individual-servings of soup. Due to the use of PET, the package will allow the soup to sit on the shelf without spoiling. The top of the pouch incorporates a pre-slit removable tab that can be slightly pulled back (about an inch) before microwaving and then completely removed before serving. The stand-up pouch measures 6.5” in height, 6.5” in length and it has a 3” width. All pouch seams are thermosealed




Duo Mixed Ready to Drink

Student Team: Rezky Yanuar, Janva Ray Pradika


The flexible Duo Mixed Ready to Drink package is designed for two kinds of beverages. The 2 in 1 beverage package includes a “special spout” with canopy and center seal to keep the beverages separated. At the time of use, consumers open the special locking canopy to combine the products and consume! This package provides a sustainable solution as it reduces the packaging of the product from two separate packages into one.




Microwaveable Heat & Eat Pouch

Student Team Members: Dylan Schockemoehl, James Noble, Scott Ham, Garrett Olson

School: California Polytechnic State University

This stand up pouch is constructed from an inexpensive multi-layer microwavable film. The pouch is gusseted at the bottom for stability and the sides of the package slant outward so that it can expand into a tall bowl shape. It has an easy open, rip off top and a disposable “spork” and napkin attached to the back. The package will be suitable to accommodate many popular food items such as, pastas with sauce, soups/stews, mashed potatoes, and even hot breakfast cereals.




Simple Sugar

Student Team Members: Elyse Cohen, Kristi Emond, Jennifer Siu,/p>

School: California Polytechnic State University

With the constant demand for more from consumers and the need for convenience, flexible packaging offers a wide array of solutions. Sugar, a commodity product, is hard to bring into the market at a competitive level. However, there is a notable consumer dissatisfaction regarding inconvenience of the current packaging. Flexible packaging offers a superior package structure in that it provides better graphic opportunities, higher resolution, transparency, compactability, and stronger technical characteristics. By taking a standard paper bag of sugar and replacing it with an improved structure using a copolymer lamination method, we are able to further please the consumers of today.



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