Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2009 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner


Student Team Members: Kim Akahori, Jessica Chan, Douglas Peters, Tim Van Blarigan

School: California Polytechnic State University

The Fold-A-Pizza is a flexible package for frozen pizzas. The pizza is wrapped and perforated into individual slices, allowing users to cook and eat each slice at will. Since it is truly flexible, the package can be folded and stored in freezers with minimal or compact space.
The adhesive sealed film allows for a simple tear and peel opening to retrieve the pizza. Fold-A-Pizza is a convenient and easy-to-use package.




Second Place Winner

Flexible Packets for Hot Chocolate

Student Team Members: Mike Mallett, Jason Miller, Lee Mitchell, Rober Moen

School: California Polytechnic State University

This new design incorporates a lay flat package that is perforated into smaller sections that can be torn from the original package. Inside these individual servings is a small package of chocolate powder mix that is housed in a jacket made of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). This new design solves a few problems that exist with the current packaging and offers a more environmental friendly option to the paperboard boxes.


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