Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2011 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner

Windshield Washer Fluid Package

Student: Tasha Aird & Michelle O’Connell

School: Mohawk College

The Windshield Washer Fluid Package includes a unique innovation that also acts as a funnel for filling automobile fluids. Attached to the end of the hose is a semi-rigid threaded cap closure. The stand-up gusset pouch base design is easily incorporated into current manufacturing procedures. The design replaces the existing one gallon semi-rigid container.




Second Place Winner

Topper’s Cupcakes

Student: Tasha Aird & Michelle O’Connell

School: Mohawk College

The Topper’s Cupcake package is a creative flexible design for individually portioned and premixed cupcake batter. The package is a flexible polymer-based pouch with a convenient pouring feature. All ingredients are in dry form – the customer only needs to add water and bake!






Student: Ofero A Caparino, Roopesh Syamaladevi, Fermin Resurreccion, Sumeet Dhawan,
and Wenjia Zhang

School: Washington State University

The drink powder packaging boteflex™ is an expandable and make-it-yourself drink packaging, designed to meet the consumer demands for more convenient, cost and space-saving drink products. The packaging design is an effort to help preserve value added food powders with added consumer convenience of easy storage and disposal. The package can be produced using recyclable PET to make it environmentally friendly and sustainable. The consumer just needs to open the resealable cap, expand the package, add water then shake!



Cucumber Pickle Package

Student: Gursimranjit Singh Chahal

School: San Jose State University

The high strength flexible stand up pouch for cucumber pickle is designed for consumer convenience replacing glass jars. The package is lightweight, portable, easy to store and resealable. The zip lock feature allows the consumer to reseal the package. The window at the back of the package allows the consumer to see through it and evaluate the product before purchase.




Flexible Leavened Dough Container

Student: Anna Graham & Kelly Peters

School: Western Michigan University

The Flexible Leavened Dough Container is a helically opened cylinder packaged with a shrink sleeve intended to hold leavening dough. This product would use flexible packaging material. The package container and shrink sleeve would be built with a pull tab that, when pulled, would release the pressure in the package and pop open. This product shows the versatility and innovation of flexible Packaging.




Flex-Organic FreshBake Cookies

Student: R. Andrew Hurley & Natalie Quin

School: Clemson University

Flex-Organic FreshBake Cookies utilizes a unique flexible packaging structure that separates the freshest ingredients so anyone can make delicious, preservative-free cookies.  The Flex-Organic packaging design offers a variety of benefits: the convenience of preprocessed foods without the pre-processing, pre-measured ingredients, and virtually eliminates preparation in the kitchen. The packaging is fun, interactive, and plays a critical role with the consumer.  Due to the innovative sealing structure, ingredients are separated in their natural state, eliminating the need for preservatives and refrigeration.


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