Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2012 Winners & Entries



First Place Winner

Pizza Rolls On-the-Go Pouches

Student: Kelly McCarthy

School: Western Michigan University

No dishes? In a hurry? No problem! With Pizza Rolls On-the-Go Pouches, feeding your hunger has never been easier! Just tear off the individual serving size pouch, and pop it in the microwave. The steaming bag design and crisping sleeve will work simultaneously to ensure that your pizza rolls are cooked to satisfaction.




Second Place Winner

Pedigree PAL for Small Dogs

Students: Laurette Leroy, Cindy Pflieger, Crystal Vlasek

School: Mohawk College

The Pedigree PAL for Small Dogs in a re-closable flexible pouch replaces rigid packaging. The pouch extends product freshness, includes less material, and has the ability to be manufactured on existing flexible packaging machinery. The new flexible pouch design offers a technical advancement in dog food packaging.




3 Ounce Liquid Carry On

Student: Andrea Steen

School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Stressed out about packaging for your next flight? Use these refillable 3 ounce flexible pouches for your toiletries! The pouches feature an easy to fill, easy to dispense plastic closure. The gusseted pouch offers a stand-up base for added convenience. The design is easily manufactured on existing packaging machinery and replaces conventional rigid travel containers that create wasteful space when packaging for a trip.




Netflix DVD Sleeve

Student: Drake Skippers

School: Western Michigan University

The woven polypropylene sleeve for DVDs offers an alternative to traditionally used paper DVD sleeves. DVDs packaged in paper sleeves offer minimal protection to scratching. This new sleeve incorporates woven polypropylene that has been laminated with a reverse printed biaxially oriented polypropylene film. The sleeve also includes a soft felt interior to help prevent scratching.




Probiotic Juice Pouch

Student: Andrea Grumbir

School: Western Michigan University

The Probiotic Juice Pouch provides an enhanced method for administering probiotics to children. This juice pouch includes one dose of probiotics in the sealed, polyethylene pouch. This supplies parents with an effortless approach to administering probiotics to children. The pouch is opened by tearing the perforated top and opening the zip-lock. The child’s favorite juice is then poured in the pouch, the zip lock is resealed, and the straw inserted.




Salad Bags with Seal Option

Student: Sean Bauer

School: Western Michigan University

The Salad Bags with Seal Option is a simple improvement to bags that are currently in the supermarket. A convenient reclosable seal added to this package makes the storage of unused portions easy and convenient for consumers.


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