Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge: 2013 Winners & Entries


First Place Winner

All-in-One Cleaning & Healing Adhesive Bandage

Student: Raphiel Davis

School: Western Michigan University

To clean and protect an injury, consumers use with soap and water, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and apply
an antibiotic ointment. The All-in-One Cleaning and Healing Bandage packages these products in one, simple product, which is comprised of an adhesive bandage with a dissolving patch of hydrogen peroxide.



Second Place Winner

Safe Yogurt Tube

Students: Geyang Wu and Chen Liu

School: Washington State University

The innovative design of the Safe Yogurt Tube eliminates the risk of potential contamination during transportation
and storage. To achieve this, the tube is produced with a film covering on one end of the tube that is used to consume the yogurt. The film covering is peeled back/
open to expose the tear-open notch. To prevent littering, the film covering stays attached to the tube.




Carbonated Beverage Smart Container

Student: Sara Isiminger

School: Western Michigan University

The flexible Carbonated Beverage Smart Container reduces empty space/volume to prevent carbonated beverages from going “flat.” The container includes a
pouch that holds the beverage and a disk. The size and empty space of the pouch is reduce by pushing the disk
up as the beverage is poured out.




Dozen Golf Ball Package

Student: Tyler Heike

School: Western Michigan University

Golf balls are often purchased by the dozen/box with four individual boxes that contain 3 golf balls. The Dozen Golf Ball Package is made primarily of polystyrene, with the inside form consisting of 12 spaces to hold the golf balls.






Liquid Medicine Travel Shot

Student: Gustavo Almanza

School: Western Michigan University

The package represents an innovative solution for cold medicine. It provides travelers with the convenient option of purchasing a one-time use pouch versus
an entire bottle. The package consists of a foil substrate and laminates (polyester/foil/polyethylene), and hold 15 ml of medicine.





Salsa Stand Up Pouch

Students: Matt Best, Tyler Green,
Tyler Lawrence, and Matt Murray

School: University of Wisconsin-Stout

The Salsa Stand Up Pouch offers a more sustainable packaging option. The K gusset style pouch also serves as a bowl and provides consumers with easy access to the product inside. This pouch provides a great opportunity to advance the use of flexible packaging into a market that is dominated by glass.




Sunflower Seed Pouch

Student: Anthony Zeolla

School: Western Michigan University

The Sunflower Seed Pouch provides an environmental and functional solution to an already great product. Shells are simply discarded into the attached
pouch. The perforated pouch can easily be detached from the bag and then thrown away.


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