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FPA 2016 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Video


FPA 2016 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards - Judges' Comments


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  • Packaging is not JUST about having too much! - Part 1, 
    French Plastic and Flexible Packaging Association

  • Packaging is not about having too much! - Part 2,
    French Plastic and Flexible Packaging Association


  • The Dow Chemical Company, It's The Total Package! 
    Flexible plastic packaging is consistently the right choice for durable, safe and convenient food and beverage packaging. This fun, educational animated video presented by Dow shows the sustainable benefits of flexible plastic packaging. It's strong, helps preserve food longer, and easier to transport which saves energy. Flexible plastic packaging...it's The Total Package!


  • The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and University of Texas at Austin: Plastic Energy Recovery - How Non-Recycled Plastics Can Help Create New Energy

    The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and University of Texas at Austin released a new study reaffirming the value of everyday waste as a clean, abundant, affordable source of domestic energy.

    The study, completed by Michael Webber, Ph.D, and his team of university researchers, demonstrated that fuel engineered from non-recycled plastics and other materials could successfully power a cement kiln located in Texas. The research showed that fuel engineered from waste could serve as valuable fuel for not only cement kilns, but potentially for other energy intensive commercial and industrial operations.


  • In Robbie's efforts to promote awareness of sustainability to their supply chain, team members, customers, and the community, they have created two new videos that show their commitment to designing packaging solutions that meet as many sustainability standards as technologically feasible to help transform markets to a more "green" future.

    Responsible packaging is a choice we can all feel good about.


  • Discovery Channel Segment on the Advantages of Flexible Packaging
    Nordmeccanica's Segment from Profile Series on Discovery Channel
    As part of the Profile Series on Discovery Channel, Nordmeccanica was the focus of a 30 minute show hosted by Lou Gossett. Nordmeccanica’s target was to give relevance to the very many advantages of Flexible Packaging, compared with alternative packaging solutions. During the show a number of technologies were presented by Nordmeccanica in order to promote energy efficiency and emission reduction in the conversion of a product that, in itself, is energy friendly. Nordmeccanica wishes to thank Ampac for allowing to film on location at one of their key facilities, a Duplex Combi Horizontal recently installed.


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