SPC Engage Montreal


July 21 – 22, 2021

Montreal, Quebec H3B 4A5, Canada

SPC Engage Montreal

Wednesday, July 21, 202112:00 am

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The Hotels and Venues

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

900 René-Lévesque Blvd W.

Montreal, Quebec H3B 4A5, Canada

FPA is a sponsor of SPC Engage!

SPC Engage is an event focused on exploring a key theme in sustainable packaging and developing actionable takeaways to help drive industry progress. Following last year’s inaugural Engage events, SPC Engage Minneapolis 19’ and SPC Engage London 19’, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s SPC Engage 2020 event in North America will head to Montreal on June 17-18. SPC Engage Montreal will be centered around the theme of Reshaping Possibilities for Plastics, looking at sustainability challenges and opportunities for plastics overall, with a special focus on flexibles and other hard-to-recycle plastics. Through tours, speakers, panels, and hands-on workshops, SPC Engage Montreal will explore what policy, technology and market levers can be pulled to reshape the possibilities for plastics.

Core topics that the event will cover include:

  • Global policy context and regulatory developments in Canada
  • Status and potential of voluntary commitments and industry projects on recovery of hard-to-recycle plastics
  • Films and flexible packaging recovery and next markets
  • Recovery and end markets for polystyrene and non bottle PET
  • Chemical recycling of different plastics
  • Food waste – packaging nexus and the importance of recovering more packaging

SPC Engage Montreal attendees will gain an understanding of the landscape in policy and regulations on a North American and European level; what are the best recovery and market strategies for hard-to-recycle plastics; what are the best strategies to recover more film and what do next markets for flexibles and films look like; the expanding role of chemical recycling and ultimately, how to create innovative products that after introduction can be kept in the economy and are recyclable.

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