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FPA Brand Value Study

Consumers Choose Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Association Brand Value Study

The FPA commissioned a Brand Value Study to better quantify the impact our members’ packaging technologies have for brand owners. This FPA Brand Value Study integrates primary research with 2,120 consumers, 304 brand owners, and FPA members, plus the input of secondary research and case studies on packaging innovations.

Details About the Key Findings


Consumers Are Willing to Spend More

In the Harris Poll survey, approximately 60% of consumer respondents said they would be willing to pay more for tangible, functional packaging benefits such as:

  • “Ability to reseal”
  • “Ability to extend product life”
  • “Easy to store”
  • “Easy to open”

The average price premium consumers said they were willing to pay was as high as 14% for the top attribute, ability to reseal.

Packaging Influences Your Brand

80% of brand owners in the 2015 Packaging World survey commissioned by FPA agree packaging attributes have an influence on their brand’s value. When assessing flexible packaging, brand owners felt the top attributes are:

  • “Enhance brand image”
  • “Protect the product”
  • “Differentiate the product on the shelf”
  • “Fit consumers lifestyles”

In the survey conducted by Harris Poll, 81% of consumers said they “always,” “often” or “sometimes” notice when a product appears in new or different packaging. In the same survey, 39% of consumers said they “always,” “often” or “sometimes” buy a product specifically because of new or different packaging.

Consumers Are Looking For Convenience

The FPA survey conducted by Harris Poll explored which packaging attributes are considered most important to consumers. Younger consumers ages 18-34 tended to place greater importance on almost every attribute measured, suggesting more demanding customers in the future.

The same survey found that over 60% of consumer respondents said the top packaging attributes defined as “very important,” “extremely important,” or “absolutely essential” were:

  • “Easy to store”
  • “Ability to reseal”
  • “Easy to open”

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