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FPA is partnering with the YGS Group for the development and distribution of the publication.

The magazine includes FPA news specific to the association; industry news that focuses on the industry, including the supply chain, at large; as well as showcase member achievements in sustainable flexible packaging and technical innovations that address product protection, e-commerce, food waste, and medical safety.

Five feature sections anchor the issues: “Advocacy Corner,” describes FPA ‘s advocacy efforts and what it is doing to be heard at the Federal and state levels to forward the interests of members; “FlexAppeal™,” which highlights the benefits of flexible packaging; “FlexForward™,” which focuses on industry breakthroughs and trends; “FlexFocus™,” which features FPA members’ specific achievements in flexible packaging; and “Above & Beyond,” that features members work in their communities and their awards.

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FPA and the YGS Group also developed a dedicated website for FlexPack VOICE®, FPA’s magazine, www.flexpackvoice.com. It includes additional original articles; breaking news (a curated news feed from the e-newsletters); follow-up and expanded coverage of select articles from the print publication; video and/or audio; additional photo galleries to complement magazine content such as FlexAppeal™; key upcoming events; and a social media feed.

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Magazine Editions


May/June 2024

The delivery system of an iconic lubricant underwent a dramatic transformation—from a spray can to a pod—earning the company this meritorious recognition in our 68th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. 
Another top-ranking flexible package was commended for its enhanced functionality from bucket to bag and its ultraviolet-resistant substrate to preserve print vibrancy in sunlight. Learn more about other gold award winners in this May/June 2024 issue of FlexPack VOICE®. 
This issue also delves into the technical innovations and shelf appeal of other top award winners in our competition, including sustainability approaches. 
In addition, we discuss how the flexible packaging industry is a partner in creating solutions to meet the U.S. strategy to reduce food loss and waste. 


March/April 2024

Proponents of the flexible packaging industry are pushing past the political gridlock on Capitol Hill this year to monitor and promote the Recycling Infrastructure and Accessibility Act of 2023 and the Recycling and Composting Accountability Act. They are also keeping tabs on several other initiatives focused on upcycled contaminants, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, labeling requirements, and molecular recycling technology, among other issues. 
This issue also explores how employee ownership not only encourages personnel to take a more active role in driving profits but also promotes employee retention by reducing turnover. In addition, the judges of the 68th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition share their insights into the various creative and innovative packaging solutions with an eye toward beauty and practicality. 


January/February 2024

Observers have found that in the transition from a linear to a circular economy, projects require expertise and investments from multiple stakeholders. On the supply chain side, Closed Loop Partners, an investment firm, is available to help fund such projects. 
This issue also discusses the work of Lantech, an international manufacturer of packaging machines, in monitoring the evolving marketplace and efforts that might limit the use of virgin plastics. In addition, a cybersecurity expert answers questions rooted in how well a company can prepare in advance for a severe breach after a cyberattack at the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas during PACK EXPO Las Vegas in September. 


November/December 2023

FPA, an established and proven advocate for the flexible packaging industry, is strengthening its influence by expanding its membership to include businesses that support the industry. FPA’s board members and Emerging Leadership Council members are steering this membership effort as well as reimagining meetings so they are more impactful. More about their plans to innovate FPA can be found in this edition.
This issue also shares insights into the challenges companies face as they shift to different types of flexible materials in the report titled, “Best Practices: Transitioning Flexible Materials,” sponsored by PMMI and FPA. In addition, the judges for FPA’s Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge discuss the innovative work behind the prototypes of the winners of this annual contest.


September/October 2023

The sterile packaging industry ensures that uncontaminated medical products and devices are delivered to patients, but its critical work rarely penetrates the public’s consciousness. That responsibility has been the mission of the Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council (SPMC®) since its inception in 1994. More about its three committees and SPMC®’s ongoing guidance on issues affecting manufacturers in this vital industry can be found in the September/October 2023 issue of FlexPack VOICE®.
This issue also shares insights into the challenges companies face as they shift to different types of flexible materials in the report titled, “Best Practices: Transitioning Flexible Materials,” sponsored by PMMI and FPA. In addition, the judges for FPA’s Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge discuss the innovative work behind the prototypes of the winners of this annual contest. 


July/August 2023

In the flexible packaging industry, female leaders tout the numerous opportunities for career advancement that enabled their rise to the top. They also discuss their experiences with networking and mentoring as well as the challenges they had to overcome. 
This issue also addresses the growing prevalence of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives as businesses realize the long-term benefits of shoring up a strong workforce. In addition, Kuma Roberts, chief diversity and inclusion officer at Arrowhead Consulting, explains why DEI should be integrated into the company culture and how businesses, large and small, can do so. 


May/June 2023

Sustainability and innovation guided the decision-making of the judges for the 67th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition as they selected the top winners. The winning entries used materials that are recyclable and lighter in weight and use less water during production. More about these submissions can be found in the May/June 2023 issue.

This issue also dives into the merits of the other winners from the FPA contest, which included 87 package entries, some of which were entered into multiple categories for a total of 230 entries. In addition, the "Compass Report" examines trends that could be useful to recyclers as they plan ahead for their place in the flexible packaging industry.


March/April 2023

From post-consumer resin to mono-materials to downgauging, converters and brands are responding in various ways to consumer demand for sustainability. This trend is expected to advance with changes in science and technology, presenting fresh challenges in marketing and sales for companies, as further explained in the March/April 2023 issue of FlexPack VOICE ®.

This issue also dives into cannabis packaging, a fast-growing market now that nearly 40 U.S. states have legalized its use for medical and/or recreational use. In addition, judges examine nearly 90 entries in the annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition and explain how and why the entries are moving the industry forward in design and sustainability. 


January/February 2023

Pressure has been intensifying for federal officials to coordinate and lead on various issues where states are passing legislation resulting in confusion in the flexible packaging industry. in the January/February 2023 issue of FlexPack VOICE®, FPA leaders and industry lobbyists discuss aluminum tariffs, extended producer responsibility, and post-consumer recycled content, among other issues, and their impact on the industry.
This issue also explores how PACK EXPO’s focus on workforce development with its PACK Challenge and training programs appealed to and inspired older teens through mid-career workers to consider employment in the flexible packaging industry. In addition, the FlexPack Crash Course—for individuals who just got a job in the industry or have less than five years of industry experience—encouraged networking while presenting information on the production process.