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Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages - Brand Owner Study

Brand Owners Choose Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study

The FPA commissioned a Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study to better quantify the impact of switching from non-flexible packaging to flexible packaging. The study integrates insights from brand owners surveyed online in September 2016 by Packaging World magazine.

Key Findings

Projected continued growth in flexible packaging

The Packaging World study is marked by a trend of continued growth in flexible packaging. The study shows that among brand owners,

  • 83% of respondents are already using some form of flexible packaging;
  • 31% expect to transition to a higher mix of flexible packaging in the next five years;
  • 58% who already transitioned to a higher mix intend to use even more flexible packaging in the future.

Operational Benefits and Increased Customer Satisfaction After Switching

Brand owners who transitioned to more flexible packaging cited operational benefits and ability to meet consumer needs as reasons for the shift. The study shows that

  • 49% of respondents cited production cost as a reason for the shift to flexible packaging;
  • 45% cited shipping/transportation efficiencies as a reason for the shift;
  • 45% cited convenience as a benefit that influenced them to transition;
  • 39% cited fitting consumer lifestyle trends as a benefit

Strong Business Results After Switching

Brand owners who switched to using more flexible packaging in the last five years saw strong business results. The study shows that

  • 57% of respondents were able to lower production costs in some way after transitioning to use of flexible packaging;
  • 55% reported a sales improvement after increasing their use of flexible packaging

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