As of September 2023

Flexible Packaging Facts and Figures

The U.S flexible packaging industry is vibrant and growing because it creates unique solutions for many packaging challenges. Following are some facts and figures that offer a snapshot of the industry.

Industry Sales

The Flexible Packaging industry had $42.9 billion in sales in the United States in 2022.

Market Size

Flexible Packaging is the second largest packaging segment in the U.S., garnering about 21% of the $180.3 billion U.S. packaging market.

Export Percentage

Exports account for nearly 9% percent of total U.S. flexible packaging shipments.

Employment Impact

The U.S. flexible packaging industry directly employs over 85,000 people.

Manufacturing Diversity

Flexible packaging converters range from small manufacturing companies operating a single facility to large integrated corporations with multiple plant locations. The top ten states make up 58% of flexible packaging locations.

Largest Market Segment

The largest market for flexible packaging is food (retail and institutional), accounting for about 50% of shipments.

Other Markets

Other markets for flexible packaging include pet food – 2%; personal care – 5%; beverages – 6%; other non-food – 9%; industrial applications – 7%; consumer products – 2%; and medical and pharmaceutical – 16%.