Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge

The student, or team of students, who develops the first place winning entry will receive $1,000 and the second place winning entry will receive $500.

A Prestigious Competition

The Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge has become a prestigious competition within the flexible packaging industry honoring flexible packaging solutions developed by students. Flexible packaging is used to package a wide variety of items. From retail food to medical and pharmaceutical products, the packaging possibilities are endless. The only limit is imagination!

The Challenge 

The Challenge for students is to develop a flexible package solution that addresses a packaging issue, such as consumer convenience or the protection of food. The package should:

  • Advance the use of flexible packaging;
  • Make an improvement over an existing flexible package;
  • Convert a non-flexible package into a flexible package; or
  • Package a product that is not currently available in flexible packaging.

How To Compete

Students are asked to submit a concept outline which will be evaluated and when approved, students may begin development of the package prototype/bench sample. Students may work on the design in conjunction with their packaging schools. FPA members may be available as mentors to students advancing to the flexible packaging prototype/bench sample development round. The deadline for Concept Outlines is September 27, 2019. The deadline for Entires is November 1, 2019.