Flexography’s Sustainable Circular Future: Plates & Packaging Webinar


11:00 am – 12:00 pm ET

Flexography’s Sustainable Circular Future: Plates & Packaging Webinar

Wednesday, April 13, 202211:00 am

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Flexography is the predominant printing technology for the packaging industry and will continue to be, with the innovations made to reduce changeover times and strong economics. One major challenge currently facing the flexographic industry is two-fold: the ability to both recycle plates and printed packaging materials. A transformation is needed to deal with hard-to-recycle multi-layer products and packages.

The creation of a circular pathway for these materials—and all waste—is possible. The Consortium for Waste Circularity (CWC) was formed by industry visionaries based on regenerative gasification technology, a proven and science-based solution. The future is for the industry to align and bring forward such a solution that will end landfills/incineration, end greenhouse gas (GHG) from waste and create eco-methanol as recycled content. We need to get ahead of government regulations such as extended producer responsibility (EPR) as a tax that will not solve the problems, but instead burden the industry.

Join Dr. Welt and Mike as they clarify the problem, share a solution and recommend what the flexographic industry can do.