SPC Advance Virtual Conference


September 29 – 30, 2020

SPC Advance Virtual Conference

Tuesday the 29th – Wednesday the 30thSeptember, 2020

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The momentum gained on reversing climate change and advancing packaging sustainability within a newly rethought business purpose has never been as strong as in the past year.

Increasingly efficient recovery; mapping out the recovery and waste diversion systems of the future; keeping valuable materials in circulation; maintaining a balance between material tradeoffs and consumer perception; sourcing transparency and bold actions from the entire spectrum of the value chain have changed the landscape of consumer products’ packaging. How do we maintain the momentum going in the light of change, public health and safety considerations, and unexpected changes in supply chain demand?

Virtual SPC Advance 2020 will include topic sessions such as:

  • Finding the World’s Most Viable Solutions to Climate Change
  • Pioneering Waste Transformation at a Grand Scale in Atlanta
  • Fighting Grocery Food Waste with Best Practices and Innovation
  • Tilting the Balance for Reusable Packaging
  • Film Recovery, Current and Changing Landscape in Policy and Market Needs
  • Technology, Forests, and Climate Change
  • And more!