SPC Engage Montreal


July 20 – 21, 2022

Montreal, Quebec H3B 4A5, Canada

SPC Engage Montreal

Wednesday, July 20, 202212:00 am

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The Hotels and Venues

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

900 René-Lévesque Blvd W.

Montreal, Quebec H3B 4A5, Canada

Delivering Sustainable Packaging Goals

Our summer event, SPC Engage 2022 will be hosted in beautiful Montreal on July 20-21, 2022. The consumer goods, retail and packaging industries have made public sustainable packaging commitments in the forms of goals and statements of support aimed at improving packaging sustainability, materials recovery, responsible sourcing, material efficiency, net zero carbon emissions and safe and circular materials.

 This deep dive event will be centered around the delivery of those sustainable packaging goals set forth by brands, retailers and packaging manufacturers. During our 2 days, we’ll walk attendees through topics such as:

  • What makes a good goal? How to refine, revisit and adapt what has been set?
  • How to handle challenges in the discovery process to achieve the goals?
  • The importance of data: baseline data, measurements and metrics
  • The looming target dates: the importance of a clear roadmap
  • Transparency, ESG Reporting
  • The role of certification in goals execution
  • LCA and Eco-design principles
  • Tools to achieve sustainable packaging goals
  • Pledges vs. Goals
  • Beyond Net Zero
  • Different Types of Goals: Balancing the Tradeoffs
  • Steps/Practical Takeaways to achieve goals
  • Policy, EPR and Labeling Considerations
  • And More!