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FPA “Update” is a section in every issue of Flexible Packaging magazine devoted to Association news, detailing association activities, initiatives and accomplishments. 

Flexible Packaging magazine is the official publication for the Flexible Packaging Association.  A large portion of readers are FPA members, who comprise every aspect of the flexible packaging industry.  The flexible packaging industry is a $30 billion industry in the United States alone.

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Below are links to recent FPA "Update" articles.


March 2018

  • FPA Announces 2018 Board of Directors
  • FPA Partners with PACK EXPO East
  • What's to Come for 2018
  • FPA Releases Report to Members
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • FPA Welcomes New Members

January/February 2018

  • FPA 2018 Flexible Packaging Innovation Showcase
  • Mark Your Calendar

December 2017

  • FPA State Advocacy Program Update
  • Polyolefin Market Update 
  • Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom
  • The State of Wall Street and Tips for Your Finances
  • Achieving the Impossible
  • Fighting Food Waste: Thinking Outside the Box
  • Mark Your Calendar

November 2017

  • FPA 2017 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report: Imports & Exports and Industry Issues/Vision

  • Flexible Packaging: Thinking Outside the Box

  • Mark Your Calendar

  • FPA Holds Attendance Record-Breaking 2017 Fall Executive Conference


October 2017

  • FPA 2017 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report: End-Uses & Industry Structure
  • Enter the Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards By October 27th Deadline
  • Save the Date for the FPA 2018 Annual Meeting
  • Switching to Flexible Packaging Increases Brand Owner Savings
  • FPA Publishes Bi-Annual Online Conversation Monitoring Report
  • FPA’S Environmental, Health & Safety Committee (EHS) Meets

September 2017

  • FPA Fall Executive Conference Convenes in Chicago
  • FPA Partners with PACK EXPO
  • FPA Releases 2017 State of the Flexible Packaging Industry Report
  • Switching Strengthens Brand Owner Sales
  • FPA 2018 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards

August 2017

  • FPA Testifies Against the Section 232 Investigation on the Effect of Aluminum Imports on U.S. National Security 
  • FPA Achievement Awards: Call for Entries
  • FPA Welcomes New Members
  • FPA 2017 Fall Executive Conference: October 3, 2017
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • FPA 2018 Student Flexible Packaging Design Challenge
  • SPMC Executive Committee Meets

July 2017

  • FPA 2017 Fall Executive Conference
  • FPA: The Value of Membership
  • FPA Formally Responds to Trump's Information Requests on Regulatory Burdens on U.S. Manufacturers
  • Trump's Regulatory Relief EOs Soliciting Industry Feedback
  • Call for Entries: 2018 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards

June 2017

  • FPA Opposes Chinese Anti-Dumping, Countervailing Duties on Aluminum Foil Petition
  • White House Directive on Permit Burdens
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Flexible Packaging: Leading the Way in Packaging Innovation
  • FPA Bi-Annual Polyolefin Report is Available to FPA Members     
  • FPA Welcomes New Member
  • FPA Environmental, Health & Safety Committee Sprint Update  
  • Sun Chemical to Host Next FPA EHS Committee Meeting 

May 2017

  • The Future is Flexible
  • Business Economic Forecast
  • FPA Welcomes New Members
  • Students Excel in Flexible Packaging Design Challenge
  • Mark Your Calendar for Upcoming FPA Events

April 2017

  • FPA Presents Preliminary Industry Data 
  • A Roadmap for Advocacy                 
  • End-of-Life Strategies for Flexible Packaging                
  • The Sky Is Not the Limit
  • Growth for Flexibles in Europe Predicted  
  • Polyolefin Market Update
  • Mark Your Calendar

March 2017

  • The 2017 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards 
  • FPA Announces 2017 Board of Directors
  • FPA 2017 Annual Meeting
  • Mark Your Calendar

January/February 2017

  • FPA 2017 Flexible Packaging Innovation Showcase
  • FPA 2017 Annual Meeting 

December 2016

  • Industry Specific Information Tops FPA 2017 Annual Meeting
  • Disruptive Change Will Recast Business Models
  • Solid Fiscal Base Drives M&A Trend
  • New FPA Data Details Value of Flexibles
  • New FPA President & CEO Gains Insights at PACK EXPO
  • FPA EHS Conference Highlights OSHA, EPA, FDA Regulatory Updates
  • Mark Your Calendar

November 2016

  • New FPA President & CEO Greets FPA Members
  • 2017 Resin Prices: Both PE and PP Lower
  • Materials Recovery for the Future
  • Asia Drives Global Flexible Growth
  • Capt. Scott Kelly Keynotes FPA 2017 Annual Meeting
  • Operating Ratios Report Analyzes Profits, Costs
  • Mark Your Calendar

October 2016

  • Save the Date for the Annual Meeting        
  • Enter Achievement Awards by Nov. 21 Deadline              
  • FPA Welcomes New Member
  • Updated Buyers Guide: Easy Path to Converters                 
  • FPA on Twitter Speeds Info Flow           
  • FPA Partners With PACK EXPO International               
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • New ‘Report to Members’ Maps FPA Accomplishments       

September 2016

  • Enter By Nov. 21 to Earn Flexible Packaging Awards                     
  • FPA Welcomes New Members                 
  • Students Earn Awards for Flex Pack Ideas                    
  • Two Issues Top FPA EHS Meeting Agenda               
  • FPA Fall Conference Last Minute Reminder               
  • FPA Strategic Engagement and Market Outreach Program                            
  • Fact Sheet Highlights Flexible Package Benefits                  
  • Mark Your Calendar

August 2016

  • Get Industry Insight and More at Fall Exec Conference                   
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Package Impacts Brand Value, Says 80% of CPG Execs                 
  • U.S. Global M&A Action Stays Strong in 2015                 
  • Say ‘Hello’ to FPA at PACK EXPO
  • ‘Pulse’ Report Sees Net Sales Edge Lower               
  • FPA—SPMC Meets

July 2016

  • FPA Fall Conference Examines Business, Industry Issues                       
  • 2016-2017 Flexible Packaging Buyers Guide Available                        
  • FPA Twitter Handle Extends Outreach             
  • FPA Operating Ratio Report                 
  • Flex Pack Sales Up
  • FPA Welcomes New Members         
  • Mark Your Calendar

June 2016

  • Save Oct. 6 for the FPA Fall Conference   
  • EHS Group Focus on EPA, OSHA Issues  
  • Partners Extend FPA’S Impact            
  • Infographic Highlights Brand Value Message          
  • Pilot Programs Assess Flexible Recovery Efforts                 
  • FPA Names Dani Diehlmann Director of Communications                      
  • Mark Your Calendar

May 2016

  • New FPA Website: Get Key Info in One Stop
  • FPA President and CEO Donahue to Retire at Year End  
  • Print and eBook Describe Brand Value Message                
  • Student Package Ideas Stress Convenience                 
  • FPA Tools Help Find the Right Talent          
  • FPA Welcomes New Member             

April 2016

  • 2016 Annual Meeting is FPA's Biggest
  • State of the Industry: Revenues at $31 Billion  
  • 2% Growth for Flexibles in Europe
  • FPA Installs 2016 Board
  • FPA Annual Meeting: The Big Picture Side  
  • PE Prices Weak, PP Stays Strong 
  • Packages Star on the Internet
  • Environment, Safety Top EHS Summit Issues 
  • Calendar of Events

March 2016

  • 2016 Achievement Awards: Innovation for Consumers

January/February 2016

  • Networking, Content, Awards Highlight FPA Annual Meeting  
  • Food Waste Moves Up in National Priority
  • FPA Role: Be One Voice for Flexible Packaging
  • ‘Pulse’ Report Says Profits Up for ‘15
  • FPA Welcomes New Members



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