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Co-Inventa is an open packaging innovation platform, which was born from the project ” Packaging Innovation Platform Co-Inventa”, supported by CORFO `s Strategic Technology Programs. The Co-Inventa working model is collaborative, linking the academy and the private sector to develop real needs and practical uses in food packaging. The technological centers that make up Co-Inventa are: USACH Laboratory of package and packaging of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile CREAS Regional Center for Healthy Food Studies "CREAS" Universidad de Chile Faculties of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Agronomy and INTA of the Universidad de Chile. PUC School of Design and Faculty of Engineering. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Universidad de Talca School of Design. Universidad of Talca. UTEM Technological packaging program (PROTEN) In addition, Co-Inventa has the participation of Asociación de Chilean Association of Food Companies “ChileAlimentos” and the Association of Industrial Plastic Producers “ASIPLA” both as associated entities, which connect the platform with national companies linked to the agri-food and packaging transformer industry. ASPILA Plastic Industries CHILE ALIMENTOS

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