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Let’s Get Real About Plastics, the Environment and What We Can Do About It

Environmental challenges are complex and controversial—just take a look at the vastly different recycling and plastic legislative bills proposed each year across the country. Regardless of politics, there’s no doubt that we’re responsible for undoing...

3 Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Shipping Medical Supplies

Flexible packaging helps manufacturers strike a critical balance between durability and ease of use, whether shipping for COVID-19 or standard healthcare supply chains. Efforts to ramp up testing amid the coronavirus pandemic have shone a...

The Importance of Flexible Packaging

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. In the packaging world, flexible packaging is considered by many to be the optimal way for a company to put its...

Pouches Offer Unique Attributes to eCommerce Market

Flexible packaging refers to package made of flexible materials that can be easily molded into various shapes. It is one of the rapidly growing sectors of the packaging industry, which includes merging the highest qualities...

Plastic Bags are the Healthier Option – for Families and the Environment

Recyclable plastic bags don’t pose the potential health risks associated with alternative bags. Hundreds of millions of petroleum based, “non-woven polypropylene” reusable bags are imported from China and other countries each year. These are, by...

AeroFlexx Named Top FPA Award Winner

Described as the “perfect e-commerce package” yet perfectly suitable for brick-and-mortar channels as well, the winner of the Highest Achievement Award in the 64th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition is AeroFlexx. The technology originally...

Liquibox Awarded for Bag-in-Box Water Cooler Refill Alternative to Rigid Bottles

Liquibox received a silver award from the Flexible Packaging Association for Waterspout, a specialized bag-in-box refill system for home and office water coolers. This is the company’s eighth win since first entering the annual Flexible...

Page 1 of 1 (7 Results)
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