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Major Companies and Retailers Join BASF's ReciChain Pilot to Improve Circular Economy and Traceability of Recycled Plastics in Canada

BASF, CSSA, Layfield, London Drugs, Merlin Plastics, NOVA Chemicals, Recycle BC, Return-It, Save on Foods and V.I.P. Soap have joined forces to respond to one of the most pressing environmental challenges – plastic waste. Supported...

Taghleef Industries Introduces New Brand reLIFE™

As part of Taghleef’s initiative to pioneer in developing solutions that support the move from a linear to a more circular economy, Ti introduces its new product portfolio called reLIFE™. Under Taghleef’s Dynamic Cycle approach,...

Kroger’s New From-Home Recycling Program Targets Flexible Packaging

The Kroger Co. announced the launch of its Simple Truth Recycling Program, offering customers a free and simple way to recycle the flexible packaging of more than 300 products from the company private-label Simple Truth,...

Brightmark Seeking 2.4 Billion Pounds of US Mixed Plastics

A chemical recycling firm is on the hunt for a massive quantity of plastics Nos. 1-7, material the company plans to process at plastics-to-fuel facilities across the country. San Francisco-headquartered Brightmark is looking to bring...

German Converter Sensitive to Chemical Opportunities

Film manufacturer Südpack has committed itself to chemical recycling and is calling upon companies across the value chain to collaborate and achieve positive change. The company believes that chemical recycling of plastics waste is a...

Groups Recognize Recyclability of Packaging Innovations

Amcor, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, developed a film that matches the heat resistance of oriented PET but can still be recycled in PE film streams. The multi-layer material is one a number...

California Will Test a Stretch of Highway Paved Using Recycled Plastics

The system uses ground-up old asphalt mixed with a polymer binder made from recycled materials, and may be even more durable than traditional processes. Paving roads is a dirty business. That may not come as...

Japan Finally Announced a Fee for Plastic Bags. Will That Stop Its Obsession with Plastic?

Single bananas. Hard boiled eggs. Chocolate chip cookies. In convenience stores across Japan these items all have something in common: they are routinely sold tightly swaddled in plastic wrapping. It's been that way for decades....

Study Finds That 'Chemical Recycling' Is All Talk and No Recycling

"Chemical Recycling" is the petrochemical industry's latest response to the recycling crisis. It is a recycling process where plastic waste is processed into fuels or back into the chemical building blocks that plastics are made...

Siegwerk Joins Project STOP to Combat Plastic Pollution in Indonesia

By becoming a strategic partner of Project STOP, Siegwerk actively supports the creation of sustainable waste management systems in Indonesia to eliminate leakage of plastics into the environment underlining its strong commitment to actively drive...

Evaluating Scenarios Toward Zero Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a pervasive and growing problem. To estimate the effectiveness of interventions to reduce plastic pollution, we modeled stocks and flows of municipal solid waste and four sources of microplastics through the global...

World Will Have 710M Tons of Plastic Pollution by 2040 Despite Efforts to Cut Waste, Study Says

If the world embarked on an immediate and globally-coordinated effort to reduce our plastic consumption, there would still be an estimated 710 million metric tons of plastic that will pollute the environment by 2040, new...

EU Introduces Plastic Waste Tax as Part of Covid-19 Recovery Plan

EU leaders have introduced a levy on plastic waste starting January 2021 which will contribute towards the EU’s €750bn Covid-19 recovery package and its overall €1tn 2021 to 2027 budget. The levy will see non-recycled...

Brand Owners and Retailers Elect New CEFLEX Steering Committee Member

Feliks Bezati, Global Sustainable Packaging Manager at Mars was nominated as representative of the ‘Brand Owners and Retailers’ segment of the value chain within CEFLEX and will take a seat on the CEFLEX Board and...

More Bad News For Oil & Gas: Plastic Recycling Targeted By University of Delaware

Just in time for Plastic Free July, earlier this month the US Department of Energy earmarked $11.6 million for a new high-impact R&D effort called the Center for Plastics Innovation. The taxpayer dollars will support...

FPA Publishes New Sustainability Report on E-commerce

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is pleased to announce that the Sustainability Life Cycle and Economic Impacts of Flexible Packaging in E-commerce Report is now available. E-commerce is a growing economic segment and as more...

Dow Tackles Plastic Waste in Nigeria Through Local Partnerships

Dow has announced Project ReflexNG, a pilot project aiming to collect and recycle plastic waste in Lagos, Nigeria. This project is aligned to Dow’s global STOP THE WASTE sustainability target which will enable the collection,...

Tackle Flexible Plastic Packaging Now or Risk Missing UK Plastics Pact Targets, Urges WRAP

Urgent cross-sector action is required to develop a recycling system for soft flexible plastic packaging, like plastic bags and wrapping, according to WRAP. The call to action comes as the sustainability not-for-profit, which leads The...

European Flexible Packaging Industry Agrees Unified Sustainability Vision

The members of Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE), which represent the European flexible packaging industry, agreed to a joint vision on sustainability at FPE’s first virtual conference, held last month. Flexible packaging is mainly composed of...

CEFLEX Launches New Design Guidelines to Improve Recyclability of Flexibles

CEFLEX, Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging initiative, has launched a comprehensive set of guidelines to help the flexible packaging value chain design recyclable consumer packaging solutions and accelerate a circular economy. The Designing for a...

Can Sustainability and Plastics Ever Peacefully Coexist?

It seemed like 2020 was going to be the year of a big win for environmental groups in their war against single-use plastic bags. Several states, including New York, California, Maine, and New Jersey, had...

Siegwerk Launches New Circular Economy Website

Siegwerk, one of the leading suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has launched their new Circular Economy website. The company strongly believes in the needs of a Circular Economy (CE) and is...

Residents Fear Proposed Waste-to-Energy Plant Could 'Decimate' Recycling Industry

Residents in Ipswich have vowed to continue fighting against a $400 million waste-to-energy incinerator that has been proposed for Swanbank at Ipswich, west of Brisbane. The project's proponents, German waste company Remondis, said the facility...

Major Investments Needed for the Recycling of Flexible Packaging

There is a demand for flexible packaging, but historically it has caused problems for recyclers. Yearly, 15 metric tons of flexible film are put on the EU market, of which nine metric tons are polyethylene...

‘It’s All on Hold’: How Covid-19 Derailed the Fight Against Plastic Waste

2020 was supposed to be the year America revolted against plastic. Consumers were refusing straws and toting their own coffee mugs. Legislators had proposed an unprecedented wave of laws to ban single-use plastics. Even companies...

Judge’s Ruling Means Plastics Initiative Likely Going to Voters

A California court has given proponents of a California plastic waste initiative more time to gather signatures, all but assuring it will make the ballot, according to supporters. The proposed statewide initiative was submitted last...

Coalition to Fund Equipment Enabling PP Sortation

An initiative from The Recycling Partnership will provide millions of dollars in capital to help sorting facilities install equipment for PP recovery. The Polypropylene Recycling Coalition, which is a project of The Recycling Partnership, will...

New Insights Into Consumer Attitudes Towards Responsible Packaging

Global packaging leader Amcor published results from its latest research into consumer perceptions of sustainability and packaging. The proprietary insights give Amcor and its customers a unique understanding of evolving preferences, including a willingness to...

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