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Plastic Packaging Still Confronting Sustainability Challenges

The coronavirus has only helped to underscore the importance of plastic packaging when it comes to keeping food contamination-free and to preserving its freshness and usability for longer. This is particularly vital now, given how...

Cosmo Films: The Key Benefits of Flexible Packaging

From the use of aluminum containers to flexible packaging in the form of pouches or films, the packaging industry, especially for perishable products has come a long way. In the present day, the latter has...

Expanding 'Circularity' through Advanced Recycling Technologies

Sustainability ... What once was a niche business philosophy is now the driving force for businesses growth and development across all sectors. This could not be truer for the plastics industry, which is facing unprecedented...

Siegwerk and APK AG Succeed at De-inking of Plastic Film-recyclate

Siegwerk, one of the world's leading providers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, and APK AG, a specialist in the production of high-quality plastic recyclate from packaging waste, successfully completed de-inking trials of...

Glenroy, Inc. Publishes Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment of STANDCAP vs. Rigid Plastics Report

Glenroy, Inc. recently published its Life Cycle Assessment of STANDCAP vs. Rigid Plastics Report. Glenroy contracted Shelbyville, Michigan-based firm PTIS, LLC to provide life cycle assessments (LCAs) and a report with descriptions on key environmental...

PPC Flexible Packaging Launches Sustainability Portfolio

PPC Flexible Packaging, a manufacturer of custom flexible packaging for specialty food, healthcare, and horticultural markets, launches PPC Green, its new sustainability portfolio. The launch of PPC Green includes new eco-friendly products such as new...

NOVA Chemicals and Enerkem Collaborate to Close the Loop on Plastics Recycling

Two Canadian companies will collaborate on innovative technology to close the loop on recycling and drive a plastics circular economy. NOVA Chemicals Corporation, a leading producer of chemicals and plastic resins, and Enerkem Inc., a...

Are We Heading Back Towards Single-use Plastic Because of Coronavirus?

The battle against plastic pollution has rapidly gained momentum in recent years. Our 2018 report – Plastics phase-out: exposure through the value chain – analysed the challenges across sectors beyond the use of carrier bags,...

Introducing C-P GreenStream™ Portfolio of Sustainable Packaging Solutions

C-P Flexible Packaging announces the launch of C-P GreenStream™ sustainable packaging solutions—a line of flexible packaging options designed for sustainability utilizing post-consumer recycled content, recyclable materials, compostable materials, downgauged materials, and/or materials derived from renewable...

ProAmpac Launches ProActive Sustainability® Website

ProAmpac, the flexible packaging leader, announced the launch of its ProActive Sustainability® website, “This new site summarizes ProAmpac’s three-pronged approach to sustainability: our portfolio of award-winning sustainable packaging innovations; our approach to responsible operations;...

Printpack Continues to Build its Green Team

Printpack has expanded its sustainability team, which will be led by Dave McLain, Sustainability Director. It will be challenged with developing product platforms of more sustainable flexible packaging and bringing those platforms to market.

Campbell ‘to Make All Packaging Recyclable or Compostable by 2030’

Campbell Soup Company has announced four new sustainability goals, including a pledge to ensure that 100% of the packaging used by its brands is recyclable or compostable by 2030. According to Campbell, the aim of...

What a Sustainable Circular Economy Would Look Like

More than 100 billion tonnes of materials entered the global economy in 2017 to generate power, build infrastructure and homes, produce food, and provide consumer goods such as clothes and phones. There are now more...

Dow and Doxa Plast Join Forces to Deliver Stretch Films Made with Renewable Resources

Dow, and stretch film manufacturer Doxa Plast together announce the commercialization of a family of bio-based high-performance stretch films aimed at addressing the increasing demand for more sustainable solutions that use alternative renewable feedstocks helping...

March/April Sustainability Update: COVID-19 Changes the Plastics Conversation, but CPGs Still Innovating

The coronavirus raises concerns about reusable packaging and deals a blow to recycling, but amidst the uncertainty, CPGs and associations still work toward greater packaging sustainability. As the coronavirus swept across the U.S. in March...

Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Sustainable Packaging

The demand for sustainable products and packaging is only growing. With continuous innovations to packaging technologies, brands have more options than ever for improving their packaging and reaching sustainably-minded consumers. But, it can be hard...

Material Innovation Key to Achieving Sustainable Packaging Strategy

Consumers prefer packaging materials made from recycled goods that can also be recycled again, and, according to a new report by PMMI Business Intelligence, as technology improves and more companies invest in sustainable strategies, the...

Inside J.P. Mascaro's TotalRecycle Facility

J.P. Mascaro & Sons’ retrofit of its TotalRecycle facility has allowed the company to create new markets for flexible plastic packaging derived from its single-stream curbside recycling program. J.P. Mascaro & Sons, Audubon, Pennsylvania, began...

Microwaves Convert Plastic Into Key Battery Component in Two Minutes

Efforts to improve on today’s battery technology has scientists turning to all sorts of materials, and in some cases these might come from the eco-friendly end of the spectrum. A new technology out of Purdue...

Chemical Recycling Could be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

The world is drowning in plastic. About 60% of the more than 8,700 million metric tonnes of plastic ever made is no longer in use, instead sat mostly in landfill or released to the environment....

With EPR Bills Frozen Due to Coronavirus in Many States, Proponents Still See Path Forward

Before the novel coronavirus pandemic took hold, legislation aimed at addressing long-running issues around recycling was gaining more attention than it had in decades. But that momentum has stalled now that state legislatures and Congress...

Plastics, Packaging and the Environment

It is no doubt that packaging plays a vital role in our lives and modern society. It protects and keeps food safe throughout every stage of the distribution line and extends the shelf life...

How Flexo Printers Can Help Brands With Green Initiatives

With increased concerns about the environment, consumers are now pushing brands to use sustainable practices more than ever. In fact, 66 percent of consumers and 73 percent of millennials are willing to pay more for...

Recycled Plastic From Garbage Carts May Soon be Used to Build Asphalt Roads in Texas

Those plastic milk jugs and water bottles in your recycling bin could soon be used to make pavement for roads across Texas and beyond. Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington are about halfway...

Coca-Cola and Pepsi Falling Short on Pledges Over Plastic – Report

Tearfund NGO says drinks makers not doing enough to tackle their plastic pollution. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are not doing enough to reduce their plastic waste footprint globally, according to a report. The charity Tearfund has...

The Story of Plastics is a Must-See Video for Earth Day

Over the past 50 years, plastics have wormed their way into our lives to such an extent that today we literally can’t live without them. One problem is that the raw materials we need to...

Three Ink Market Trends Helping to Achieve Sustainability Goals

With the world becoming more environmentally conscientious, consumers are focusing more than ever on the products they’re purchasing and how the packaging of those products could potentially impact the ecosystem. Brand owners are now responsible...

Troy University to Research Creation of PPEs from Recycled Plastics

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and the Troy University Center for Materials and Manufacturing Sciences is trying to fill that need. Center Director Dr. Govind Menon...

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