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Steady at the Helm at Bumble Bee

When it comes to providing leadership in a crisis, Jan Tharp says a critical aspect is having someone at the helm who is going to be a reassuring presence. When flying on a plane, you...

Cosmo Films: Key Factors That Impact Flexible Packaging Production

The FMCG industry has become highly competitive in the use of flexible packaging for products. Consumers can find the same product by different brands in lucrative packaging and often make the final buying decision based...

Contract Packaging/Manufacturing Industry Booming, but Watch Out for Headwinds

Despite the colossal challenges faced by businesses resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the contract packaging/contract manufacturing (CP/CM) industry in North America is one market that met those challenges and is alive and kicking. In fact,...

Assessing the Strategic Role of Enterprise Labeling

Today’s forward-thinking companies understand that labeling is a strategic enabler for business and supply chain operations. With the advent of COVID-19, the need to review and understand the impact of labeling is becoming even more...

Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Critical Components for Risk Assessment

By the second quarter of 2020, cyberattacks targeting manufacturers accounted for 33% of all incidents across all industries with losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Small businesses are also at risk. According to a...

Protective Packaging Demand Grows During Pandemic

Consumer demand for protective and hygienic packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new innovations in the areas of sleeve, film, and cardboard coatings. ThePackHub’s latest report tackles the latest packaging innovation trends with a...

Top Packaging Considerations for Premium Pet Food Brands

A recent report by Packaged Facts estimates the overall U.S. pet food and treats market at $39 billion in 2020. Given the increase in pet adoption in 2020, seasoned and new pet parents alike are...

ROI vs Awareness

As we’ve entered a brand-new decade of influencer marketing, things are changing. And rather swiftly at that. With 63% of marketers intending to increase their influencer marketing budget within the next 12 months, there is...

Which Trends Will Dominate Packaging Design in 2021?

Equator Design Senior Creative & Strategy Director Howard Wright explains those trends that will harness the groundswell of new product innovation and refocused messaging of 2020. It always happens during the first few months of...

Designing e-Commerce Packaging

E-commerce is growing at unprecedented rates, accounting for 16.1% of the retail market by 2020 Q2, which represented a 42% jump in a few months, largely due to COVID-19. But the growth spurt started long...

FPA Announces 2021 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Winners

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the leading advocate and voice for the growing U.S. flexible packaging industry, is pleased to announce the winners of its 65th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. The winning entries...

Presentation Shows How Market Tracker Tool Can Help FPA Members

Let’s say you want to learn more about trends in another country where you might want to do business. As a member of the Flexible Packaging Association, details are a few mouse clicks away with...

Ripe for Rebound: Experts Predict Renewed Interest in Mergers and Acquisition Deals

Mergers and acquisitions in the flexible packaging industry slowed in 2020 as COVID-19 upended the international economy. But as the pandemic ebbs in 2021, the industry will be eager to return to a busier pace...

Finding the “Wow” - Packaging Becomes E-commerce Social Media Star

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce was seen as a function of convenience: tap on a keyboard or phone and new shoes arrive at the door. The panorama shifted amid the pandemic. Existing e-commerce trends accelerated...

Consumers Remain Concerned About Food Packaging and Safety

Late in the fall, G&S Business Communications updated its national survey of consumers to see how COVID-19 continued to change their habits and found that about 58% remained at least somewhat concerned with contracting the...

Food and Food Packaging Highly Unlikely to Spread Covid-19, Experts Say

Food and food packaging are highly unlikely to spread Covid-19, the US Food and Drug Administration, US Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a reminder Thursday. "Consumers should...

What Will Power Shift Mean to Flexible Packaging Industry?

Now that Democrats have control of the House, Senate, and White House, policies of particular importance to the flexible packaging industry continue to be closely monitored by those who follow the trends in Washington, D.C....

Achieving Fluid Production: Controlling Static and Contamination

Companies in the label and packaging industry have come under serious pressure this year – unprecedented demand due to panic buying and stockpiling, production challenges due to social distancing requirements, staff shortages and supply chain...

Adjusting Forecasts: COVID-19 Hurts Apparel, Luxury Goods; Helps Alcohol, Food, Bev

As the pandemic shook the ground underneath the feet of the vertical constituents of the consumer packaged goods industry, different industries fared differently. The evolving landscape rendered pre-COVID-19 forecasts obsolete. An interesting new report, available...

Retail and E-Comm: 4 Cannabis Considerations in Uncertain Economic Times

It goes without saying that consumer behavior has changed in the wake of COVID-19. As Blake Patterson, MarketHub CEO, explained at the Hemp Industry Daily Conference, cannabis is no exception. Purchasing behavior, which typically takes...

Proper Food Safety Means Proper Packaging Inks

Flexible food packaging gives brand owners the opportunity to attract customers and communicate food benefits, allergen warnings and traceability information. The ability to provide information on the packaging without compromising the food’s quality or safety...

Finding Leaders: New Effort Taps Talent to Lead Industry’s Future

Before the pandemic, just about every industry faced problems finding qualified workers and people to lead them because of low jobless rates and high competition for talent. Companies in the flexible packaging industry were no...

Yearning for Growth: Forecast Calls for Strong Year

If there is one safe bet about the year ahead, it’s that 2021 will be nothing like 2020. Perhaps most importantly, the global economy is likely to grow rather than shrink as it did in...

Create Effective Design with Emotion Tracking

Many of you may be familiar with biometric research. With modern technology, we can see what consumers see, what they read (or skip over), and how long they pay attention to it. We can measure...

10 Packaging Market Trends for 2021

PTIS, along with partner Leading Futurists LLC, is known for gathering and synthesizing data from all sectors to form 10-year forecasts for its Future of Packaging program. While many of the projections from its most-recent...

Unseen is Unsold: The Influence of Product Visibility on Sales

It’s an obvious concept: Warehouse goods unseen by the public aren’t purchased. If an item isn’t on the retail shelf, a consumer can’t buy it. Simple enough. But did you know that your product can...

5 Tips on Redesigning Packaging for Inclusivity

In a world calling for social justice and inclusivity, many well-known companies are closely reviewing and changing their brand identities. These highly recognizable brands—among them Mrs. Butterworth’s, Cream of Wheat, Uncle Ben’s, Aunt Jemima, and...

Study Reveals New Consumer Attitudes

In Tetra Pak’s 2020 Index global research study, COVID-19 and the Food Safety-Environment Dilemma, the company lays out the effects of the pandemic as an unprecedented event disrupting communities worldwide. Consumer trends, concerns, and needs...

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