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Challenges For 2021 Remain Vivid

We are entering a new year that will prove to be as challenging as 2020 for many of the same reasons. The COVID-19 pandemic is reaching its second and third waves worldwide, and the efficacy...

Top Packaging Innovations of 2020

When it comes to packaging, design options are endless with various material choices, substrates and graphics. Sustainability is a top concern of consumers and packagers alike, as is new designs, when warranted, for ecommerce shipping....

Executive Forecast: How the Past Year Will Shape Flexible Packaging in 2021

If nothing else, 2020 showed us that “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Is that going to stop people from making plans? No. Is it going to stop Flexible Packaging...

Unseen is Unsold: The Influence of Product Visibility on Sales

It’s an obvious concept: Warehouse goods unseen by the public aren’t purchased. If an item isn’t on the retail shelf, a consumer can’t buy it. Simple enough. But did you know that your product can...

5 Tips on Redesigning Packaging for Inclusivity

In a world calling for social justice and inclusivity, many well-known companies are closely reviewing and changing their brand identities. These highly recognizable brands—among them Mrs. Butterworth’s, Cream of Wheat, Uncle Ben’s, Aunt Jemima, and...

2020: Sustainable Packaging Eclipsed COVID-19 Concerns

New paper packaging developments caught your eye in 2020, along with news of refills and recyclable flexible packaging, as seen in our list of best-read articles about sustainability. Except when COVID-19 worries consumed us all...

12 Super Solutions for Packaging Automation in a Pandemic Year

If designers are the fuel for packaging innovation, packaging production engineers are the engines that make it run — and as efficiently as possible. This may have been an atypical year in a lot of...

Experts Predict Pandemic Likely to Influence Color Preferences

Avient Corporation, a premier provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions and services, announced that Avient ColorWorks™ has launched ColorForward™ 2022, the 16th edition of the annual color forecasting guide for the plastics industry. As...

UPM Raflatac Identifies Food Label Trends in 2021

UPM Raflatac, a sustainable labeling company, says it experienced a 43% e-commerce sales increase and a 15-20% increase in grocery industry sales this year as consumers turned to takeout, food delivery and online grocery shopping,...

Why Innovation Should Start Distinctive

Creating a brand is all about tapping into human psychology — adding an intangible desire (and a higher price) to what is often a good product, but objectively not very different from a dozen similar...

Reimagining the “E” in OEE in the Packaging Industry

Few companies have been immune to the turbulence of global disruptions and business evolution over the decades. Back in 1964, the expected lifetime of the typical S&P corporation was 33 years1, but by 2016 it...

Top 5 Food Packaging Stories of 2020

This entire year has been as unique as any as are the hundreds of food packages and packaging developments Packaging Digest has published since January 2020. Let’s start with some intelligence on this crucial packaging...

Serialization Continues to Impact Pharma Automation Investments

Upcoming regulations associated with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) require unit-level traceability by 2023, whereby each unit must have its own unique serial number and barcode, which allows it to be tracked throughout...

5 Product Label Trends to Differentiate Your Brand in 2021

The winds of change blew hard this year. Some markets shrunk while others grew, supply chain weaknesses were exposed and a pandemic kept many consumers at home where they did much of their shopping online....

The Future of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Sector

From nearly 100 global and local reports, case studies and insights from experts including McKinsey, Mintel and Nielsen, a report by Davidson Branding highlights seven key drivers of consumer behavior that define successful modern-day fast-moving...

Study Reveals New Consumer Attitudes

In Tetra Pak’s 2020 Index global research study, COVID-19 and the Food Safety-Environment Dilemma, the company lays out the effects of the pandemic as an unprecedented event disrupting communities worldwide. Consumer trends, concerns, and needs...

Manufacturers Must Brace for Online Holiday Shopping Boom, Sustainable Packaging Demand

With the pandemic upending holiday trends, DS Smith released a new survey that shows retailers and supply chains need to be prepared for a rush of online shopping and high consumer demand for effective packaging....

COVID-19 and the Great Digitization

Eight months after the coronavirus plunged our nation into a largely remote reality, we have witnessed an accelerated shift to a digital world. As our modes of working, shopping, eating, living, transacting and communicating have...

The First Neuromarketing Service that Optimizes the Impact of Packaging on Consumers

ANALYTICA, a behavioral sciences-based company in Edinburgh, as launched the first service that optimizes packaging using consumer psychology and neuroscience-led customer tests. CogniPackaging provides a concrete solution to a classical issue faced by marketers: Consumers...

3 Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Shipping Medical Supplies

Flexible packaging helps manufacturers strike a critical balance between durability and ease of use, whether shipping for COVID-19 or standard healthcare supply chains. Efforts to ramp up testing amid the coronavirus pandemic have shone a...

Taking a Look at Industry Trends

Michelle Sauder is the North American senior marketing manager for food & specialty packaging at Dow. Q: What types of materials have you seen an increased demand for in recent years? A: We’ve seen increased...

2021: A Year of Adjustment, Leaders Apply Lessons While Still Learning

Each week brings encouraging developments about vaccines to fight COVID-19, but leaders in the flexible packing industry haven’t been waiting for that relief to start planning for 2021 and beyond. Even so, the experts suggest...

Live, Virtual, or Hybrid: Game is On, Pandemic Doesn't Deter Conference Organizers

Although the pandemic shuttered in-person conferences and events this year, the industry expos and meetings that celebrate innovation and forge connections found virtual platforms and audiences, with organizers hoping for live events again in 2021....

3 Ways to Prepare for a Holiday Ecommerce Surge

While ecommerce had been seeing a surge prior to COVID-19, in the current and post-pandemic environment — and particularly heading into the holiday season — ecommerce sales are expected to garner a greater share of...

Finding a Partner for Ecommerce Growth

You need more than a product, great photos and some text to sell products online. Brand owners need to make sure they are on a platform that is right for their products. And when you...

Tips for Thriving in an Ecommerce Marketplace

Let’s face it: The ecommerce revolution has not only changed the rules for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, it has created a whole new game in which COVID-19 has only cemented the need for brands...

Issues Will Linger Beyond Election

With the presidential election fast approaching, it might not be clear who will be in the Oval Office for the next four years, but several industry leaders say that some issues will be important to...

Workspaces Will Change, Leaders Expect Pandemic to Alter Views About Travel and Work

The health and safety policies put in place to combat COVID-19 will prepare companies beyond the immediate crisis, if they continue to stay focused on preventing illness, several leaders in the flexible packaging industry suggest....

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