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Efficiency in Wining and Unwinding

The most essential part of winding and unwinding efficiency is tension control. Tension control is a highly dynamic process across the entire line starting with the unwind all the way to the winder. The following...

Flexible Packaging Delivers in the Ecommerce Era

There are several vital factors that brand owners should consider when packaging products for ecommerce instead of retail. As states across the US issued stay-at-home orders in response to the pandemic, many consumers resorted to...

What Does Your Labeling Say?

We look at the total package, including the label, to identify problems with consumer engagement. Recyclability and sustainability paired with a nice design at low cost are just a few benefits brands and converters look...

A Circular Problem: Labor Shortages and Expanded Manufacturing Automation

Labor shortage in manufacturing is not a new problem, and both large and small operations have been challenged over the years to find and retain both skilled and unskilled labor. For manufacturers who want to...

Road to a Successful Package

However, more often than we may realize, a well-designed package can be a deciding factor in product selection. This article focuses on the package development process, starting with the decision to produce the new package...

The Pandemic is Shaping the Future Supply Chain

We’ve learned a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic, but one ubiquitous underlying understanding that has resulted from this firsthand experience is that the world can be impacted in a very short period of time. And...

Five Takeaways on Automation Growth Today

A new report by PMMI Business Intelligence shows that OEMs and suppliers who meet the needs of the changing times will thrive along with the CPGs of the future. CPGs want partners that are transparent...

Plan Ahead for Color Matching Inks for Holiday Direct Mail Campaigns

Considering the economic uncertainty in 2020, earlier planning of direct marketing campaigns for the holiday season is more important today. Supply chains for production materials may be disrupted. Also, businesses are seeing that it’s time...

Study: Pandemic Turns Shopping Into A Mission With Little Pleasure

Shoppers are cautiously returning to post-pandemic life, albeit with some permanent changes, according to a new global study from Momentum Worldwide. Only 16% say they will immediately go back to the way things were pre-pandemic....

People Should Not Fear Spread of COVID-19 in Food, Packaging: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it saw no evidence of coronavirus being spread by food or packaging and urged people not to be afraid of the virus entering the food chain, according to Reuters....

4 Key Factors for Successful Snack Food Packaging

A lot of people seem to chase speed in their vertical form-fill-seal machine, and that’s fine. The cycle speed is an important feature to evaluate. But speed is just one factor in determining a machine’s...

Design of Memorable Brand Experiences Through Multisensory Packaging

We engage with brands through several, if not all, our senses --that is, through the way they look, sound, feel, smell and even taste. An initial and decisive point of this relationship with human senses...

The Hidden Risk of Single Sourcing Your Packaging

At first glance, single sourcing sounds like common sense. You can build a good relationship with your one, top supplier over time and be reliant on them. This can bring a lot of benefits, like...

2020 Top 25 Converters

Flexible Packaging is back with its annual list of the Top 25 Converters in North America for the year 2020. These rankings are calculated using each company’s revenues for the year 2019. With strong merger...

Redefining the Packaging Organization of the Future

With so much in flux, there is a clear need to help remove noise in the system and move from bad VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) to good VUCA. We will identify what is...

Packagers Stay the COVID-19 Course

Packaging World first surveyed its readership about their immediate reaction to the pandemic, as relates to packaging, in late March 2020. Answers were thus collected just as COVID-19 began to impact CPGs, mainly via safety-based...

Packaging Pros Bullish on Security & Salary Despite Uncertainty

As is the case for the year 2020 in general, the results of the Annual Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) Salary Survey represent a departure from the norm. Data collection was accomplished on the cusp...

Kao Collins: How To Use Less Ink When Printing

In commercial printing, ink is one of the main consumables that can be managed to potentially reduce costs. All commercial printing managers are looking for ways to control this cost. This applies to industrial inkjet...

It’s All About the Cost, Not the Price

Just like all change management, total cost of ownership is a journey that has transformational results when successfully implemented. When purchasing equipment, it is absolutely all about the acquisition and operating costs (packaging and processing...

Bottled Up Frustration for PET

One of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that consumer behaviour in terms of buying and consuming goods has changed in line with restricted supplies and access to retail sites. Alongside this, typical trends...

Is It Time to Outsource?

Although many consumer goods manufacturers (CGMs) and packaging suppliers have comprehensive, fully integrated packaging operations, there are strong arguments that favor outsourcing certain printing, slitting and winding activities to contractors specializing in these areas. Outsourcing’s...

Recycling Explained: Designing Packaging for Recyclability

When designing packaging for products, manufacturers have a plethora of variables to manage and balance. It is crucial to understand the entirety of the value chain, particularly the role of recyclers or Materials Recovery Facilities...

The Changes & Challenges Facing Frozen Food Packaging

Frozen food packaging began in the 1920s when Clarence Birdseye developed methods for quick-freezing foods. Through my 37 years in the packaging industry, I have witnessed many changes in the frozen food industry, including the...

Pharmaceutical Packaging Trends

The pharmaceutical and packaging industries in many ways have a symbiotic relationship, each spurring and inspiring innovation and advances of the other, in addition to being heavily influenced by related external factors. Currently, market growth...

Shaping the Next Normal of Packaging Beyond COVID-19

As packaging companies emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, they need to readjust their focus and raise their game—while negotiating ongoing shifts in the industry. While people were adjusting their lives in response to the coronavirus...

Economic Outlook: 2020 and Beyond

Discussing the current economic outlook amidst a “double black swan event,” Alex Chausovsky of ITR Economics presented “Guidance in an Uncertain Economy” last week as part of PMMI’s Executive Leadership Conference. What is a black...

EXPO PACK 2020 Webinar Series: Opportunities for Packaging Innovation in the “New Normal”

Anti-pathogenic packaging, disruptive structural formats and graphic design that responds to the exponential growth of e-commerce in Latin America, and new approaches to sustainability in packaging will drive the future post-pandemic. According to five expert...

Why Color Management is Important in Packaging

Each of these roles has distinctly different goals in the journey to getting packaging on the shelf. These goals can sometimes seemingly conflict with one another. The best color management strategies are both effective and...

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