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What is the Future of Packaging Automation?

Packaging is of utmost importance in today’s commercial world, leading manufacturers to find the best solutions to respond to customers’ needs. The latest Industry 4.0 technologies allow producers to move a step further in digitalizing...

Global Economy Passes Pre-COVID GDP as Business Investments Pick Up; Risks Remain

In the second quarter of 2021, the global economy surpassed the pre-pandemic GDP from fourth quarter 2019, according to “PMMI State of the Industry US Packaging Machinery Report” by PMMI Business Intelligence. The Asia-Pacific region...

Finding Workers

Openings at American Packaging Corp. run the gamut from entry-level production jobs to engineering positions, says Jeff Fuller, the Columbus, Ohio-based company’s manager of organizational development. The company has steadily expanded over the years by...

Exploring Automation

In the post-pandemic age, automation is more than a solution for labor shortages. It’s the future in a quest for efficiencies, agility, and competitiveness. For packagers, they are wrestling with questions of costs—searching for a...

Tapping Tech Schools

After an FPA Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) committee on recruitment was formed last year, its members quickly determined that they would need to branch out beyond traditional internship programs. The top packaging schools nationwide, including...

Top Seven U.S. Packaging Machinery Trends in 2021

The 2021 State of the Industry U.S. Packaging Machinery reports U.S. packaging machinery production total shipments increased 14.7% between 2015 and 2020, with a packaging order backlog increase of 22.3%, and a converting order backlog...

LPS Industries' CEO Madeleine D. Robinson Explains Why Relationships Matter in a Pandemic

LPS Industries, Moonachie NJ, a vertically integrated flexible packaging manufacturer, announced that its CEO Madeleine D. Robinson recently addressed members of the NJ District Export Council, discussing why relationships matter in a pandemic. Ms. Robinson...

CPG Companies Pilot New Packaging Formats with Help from Packaging Suppliers

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, 2020 was all about surviving, while this year is about piloting new packaging formats and sourcing alternative materials for these products. The hope is to connect with young and...

How and Why Flexible Packaging Trends are Changing

Nicola Bucchioni, Atlantic team leader at UBE Europe’s engineering plastics business unit, presents an overview of flexible packaging trends through the ages, and what the future holds for the category. From wooden boxes to glass,...

Trends in Future-Ready Flexible Food Packaging

A global supplier of multilayer plastic packaging shows that circularity in packaging sustainability is possible now — without sacrificing food quality or shelf life. Packaging sustainability starts with companies on the front lines of the...

5 E-Comm Packaging Graphic Design Trends Headed for Your Doorstep

On a recent Take Five with Packaging World: The rise in e-commerce in 2020 led to brands rethinking package design to connect with consumers outside the retail environment. Here are five major design trends that...

Digital Printing is on the Rise

Digital printing is enjoying strong growth. Whether it is packaging, textile, wide format graphics or other segments, the use of digital printing is expanding. According to Allied Market Research’s report, “Global Digital Ink Market by...

Improving the Quality and Safety of Food with Smart Packaging

For a food item to reach a consumer's fork from the farm, a vast number of steps need to be taken in a complex supply chain. From harvesting and processing to packaging and distributing, the...

Amazon Expands Frustration-Free Packaging Programs to Include Smaller Eligible Product Sizes

Amazon expanded its Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) incentive program in the U.S. to include the largest-sized Sortable Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) from 6 x 4 x 0.375 ins. The company is also offering new incentives...

10 Artificial Intelligence Innovations Impacting the Packaging Industry in 2021

As part of AI innovation, companies are using machines and algorithms to create smarter packaging solutions. The use of 3D printing is being used increasingly in industrial applications, and it's not only designers who will...

Which Post-Pandemic Consumer Trends are Here to Stay?

Experts at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit discussed how the pandemic has impacted consumers, and which trends are here to stay, including e-commerce, CPG accountability, and sustainability. Experts at the Global Summit, held in...

3 Forces Driving the CPG Digital Transformation

The store shelf was once the mainstay of the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, a crucial brick-and-mortar spotlight for tangible products. Today, the consumer experience increasingly skews digital; COVID-19 alone accelerated e-commerce by 10 years...

Defining Reliability in Pouch Equipment

Reliability is the number one desired machine attribute for pouch converters, but this deceptively simple statement can sometimes be misunderstood. Reliability isn’t only about the sturdiness of the machine. It means that production will be...

Report Details Packaging Industry’s Massive Impact on the U.S. Economy

Commissioned by AMERIPEN, a first-of-its-kind report details the financial and societal value of the U.S. packaging industry, providing data that can be used to help educate policymakers as they consider packaging-related legislation. It’s now quantifiable:...

4 E-Commerce Packaging Trends Helping Brands Win on Customer Experience

The massive, pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce sales resulted in an influx of packages crossing the thresholds of people's homes. These packages are prime real estate for brand messaging, inside and out, carrying endless opportunities and...

Four Ways Packaging Design Will Reduce Cosmetic Brands’ Environmental Impact

A recent McKinsey study indicates U.S. consumers anticipate spending less on skincare, makeup and other personal care items in the future than they used to. One way cosmetic brands can recapture consumers is by making...

Podcast | Secrets of Club Store Packaging Revealed

Costco began as Price Club in July of 1976 and was renamed in 1983. The secret of the billion-dollar retailer’s success is not just the exceptional price point. Another factor is the select inventory the...

A Surge in Demand for Antimicrobial Protection

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all our lives in ways we could never imagine. We are all now more acutely aware of the role that microorganisms play and how easy it is to unwittingly transfer...

GSE Introduces the InkConnection Blog: the Label and Packaging Industry’s Guide to Excellence in Ink Management

Ink logistics provider GSE has launched a blog to help professionals in the label and packaging sectors maximize value from managing inks. The InkConnection blog, aimed at converters, ink manufacturers and brand owners, will be...

The State of Snacking

Snacking is an American pastime. Mintel's Snacking Motivations and Attitude study have the proof stating, “Snacks account for 51% of all food sales, and 92% of adults in the United States have snacked within the...

Flexible Hybrid Electronics: The Next Big Thing in Packaging?

When most people think of packaging, it’s typically printed packaging with brightly colored fonts, logos and images used to sell products that comes to mind. However, like everything else today, the way we think of...

Automation Dominates Manufacturing Landscape

Years before the pandemic, manufacturers were struggling to find new workers, leading to innovative ways of using automation to replace jobs where it made sense. For workers, the opportunity to learn new skills to run...

Creative Packaging Design Ideas

A product’s packaging plays a key role in the product’s success. The power of creative design can clearly be seen if we look at the numbers: 72 percent of consumers say that packaging can influence...

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