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The Quickly Disappearing Corrugated Box: How Packaging is Changing

As in many things e-commerce, Amazon has been one of the driving forces in changes to packaging, namely less of it and with sustainable materials. The company announced in September 2018 its “Frustration-Free Packaging...

Executive Forecast: The Path Forward in 2020

Push back on use of plastics is a major challenge for flexible packaging. Going forward, suppliers look to find eco-friendly alternatives, while educating consumers on the many benefits of this growing packaging segment. To...

Keeping Up with the Ecommerce Expansion

As consumers demand greater convenience, ecommerce sales continue to rise. According to the 2019 Internet Retailer Top 1000 Report, consumers spent $517.36 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2018, up from $449.88 billion spent...

Flexible Packaging Presents Challenges for Automated Case Packing

Flexible packaging is used as primary packaging in a wide range of sectors, like the beverage, food, home and personal care industries. Due to the opportunities it provides –from a marketing, profitability and logistics...

Delving Into The Drivers of Flexible Packaging's Growth

Tom Egan, PMMI vice president of industry services, examines the status of this growing packaging segment and the factors that are influencing its advancement.

Digitalized Data Is Sustaining the Supply Chain

From fragmented thinking, to out of date infrastructures and poor processes, there is a long list of reasons why supply chains can become unsustainable. But, according to a luxury packaging provider, digitalized data is...

RFP Process Challenges and Solutions

Having upfront clarity into needs and establishing standards for what to use (and why), are the two biggest shortcomings cited by Vision 2025 participants in the Request for Proposal process. Companies who participated in...

Progressive Disclosure: The Full-Course Meal of Packaging

Progressive disclosure of information about a product through on-pack labels and instructions contained within the packaging enhances the consumer’s experience one action at a time. At a potluck, everyone brings their favorite dish to...

5 Packaging Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We all enjoy a good meme poking fun at embarrassing mistakes online. But, it’s far less funny when your product or package is the butt of those jokes. Poor packaging leads to worse things...

10 Ways to Maximize Food Sales with Packaging

Having partnered with specialty food brands for nearly two decades to create strategic design that gets results, I’ve learned more than a few things along the way. Specializing in only food CPG brands ...

CPGs Need to Adapt to Meet Growing Food Demand

The global food packaging market will approach $400 billion by 2025, making operational improvements and new equipment critical for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to keep pace, according to the newly released "Trends and...

UV Flexo Printing Can Bring Out the Best In Brand Colors

Brand owners, their marketing departments and designers devote much time and effort through the creative use of packaging, labeling and other P.O.S material to ensure that the brand image projected is both positive and...

Color Trends for 2020 and Beyond: Cold or Hot?

Each year, companies in the color business announce their predictions on those colors that most exemplify, or capture, current societal trends and therefore will capture the consumer’s eye as well. These predictions are based...

How Experiential Marketing and Packaging Can Bring the Ethos of a Brand to Life

Experiential marketing is key to bringing your brand to life. By exploring dimensions that aren’t possible in standard packaging, you can truly display your brand’s ethos with experiential marketing and packaging.

Disrupting Trends Add to Pressure on Converters

If converters feel gobsmacked by the pace of change in today’s packaging world, they should get ready to shift into overdrive. In a recent study entitled “No Ordinary Disruption,” consulting firm McKinsey & Company...

Flexible Packages Standing Out in 2019

Currently flexible packaging represents approximately 19 percent of the total $170 billion U.S. packaging industry and is the second largest packaging segment behind corrugated paper. According to the recent Flexible Packaging Association’s (FPA) 2019 State...

How to Combat the Workforce Crisis

The good news: Food and beverage manufacturing is booming. The bad news: A lack of skilled workers is threatening the industry. According to the 2018 skills gap and workforce study from Deloitte and The...

The Path to Private Label Innovation

U.S. private label brands have seen $143.4 billion in sales over the year, a figure up nearly $14 billion since 2015, according to Nielsen. In comparison, store brands have grown 3.7% since one year...

Printing Industry's Trends, Best Practices and Performance Improvement in 2019

Printing can be a tedious and hectic job. But with great printers and well-managed printing services, the job can be run smoothly. Technology services for smart workplace will begin to use AI for its...

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