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Manufacturing Month Creates Opportunities to Focus on Workforce Issues

October is Manufacturing Month, with October 7 being National Manufacturing Day. This creates an opportunity for Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) members to highlight careers in the manufacturing industry, frame the issues and broadly educate policymakers...

IoPP Salary Survey Respondents Starting to Seek Greener Pastures

The annual Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) Salary Survey is always a revealing benchmarking tool. But this year, the 2022 edition offers a particularly interesting snapshot of an industry and a workforce in flux. After...

What’s Happening in Digital Printing for Packaging?

Digital printing for packaging applications continues to advance, enhancing production flexibility and packaging design creativity for converters, as well as for brand owners that do their own on-demand printing and labeling. Recent market research shows...

Planning Your E-Comm Package’s Funeral: Considerations for Designing for End of Life

As is the case with virtually every topic that relates to packaging today, sustainability was a major focus of this year’s E-Pack Europe conference, held June 14 and 15 in Amsterdam. In fact, sustainability was...

The Future of Packaging is Flexible

According to research by intelligence firm Markets & Markets, the global flexible plastic packaging category is projected to grow from $160.8 billion in 2020 to $200.5 billion by 2025. During the pandemic, several consumer trends...

2 Packaging Trends That Are Defining 2022

As a veteran packaging journalist, it’s rare for me to be on the other side of the microphone — that is, answering questions instead of asking them. But at this spring’s IME West event —...

Package Design Innovating to Match New Consumer Trends

Consumer trends have shifted in the past few years, and many businesses are adapting their product packaging to meet these new priorities. Consumer trends are evolving compared to just a few years ago, and package...

Cyberthieves Target Manufacturers

Dawn Cappelli has seen just about everything when it comes to cybercrimes. She knows that smaller businesses along the manufac­turing supply chain make a grave mistake if they think they aren’t targets. “The first thing...

Aluminum Foil Shortage Intensifies

Flexible packaging companies may have been hoping this year would bring relief to a stubborn shortage of aluminum foil. However, relief does not appear likely anytime soon. Economic and political events are continuing to come...

Proactive Insurance Protects Against Cyber Attacks

After Paul Hartgen was charged with finding new products and services to assist members of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), he helped develop various initiatives that would increase member value and make NAM a...

Partnerships: One Path to Training to Ease Talent Shortages

Pick your industry. Some long-timers are realizing that the next generation of expertise their teams require isn’t being groomed as they need it. Yet, market conditions continue to change and knowledgeable staff veterans continue to...

Amazon: Transformational Change in E-comm Packaging Begins Upstream

At E-Pack Europe 2022, Amazon’s Jeremy Long explains how true innovation around e-commerce packaging requires an upstream strategy that involves both the product and the packaging. The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon knows a bit...

ProAmpac: Trends Drive Healthcare Product Packaging

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, ProAmpac examined major trends in healthcare and their potential impacts on pharmaceutical and medical device packaging. The company spotted four main trends: direct-to-consumer services (DTC), especially virtual healthcare...

Half of UK Consumers Are Prepared to Pay More for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

New research with UK consumers by Aquapak, a speciality polymers business that develops materials intended to enable a circular economy, reveals that more than half (52%) would be prepared to pay more for environmentally friendly...

Three Tips for Chief Procurement Officers Navigating Packaging Shortages

Gartner, Inc. provides tactics for chief procurement officers attempting to deal with packaging material shortages amidst supply instability and rising costs. Supply instability and rising costs are prompting chief procurement officers (CPOs) to adopt new...

What Do We Want From EPR?

Last year two states, Oregon and Maine, enacted extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging laws. By the time you read this, Hawaii may have joined them. Several other state legislatures are still considering EPR, while...

E-Commerce Evolves: As Pandemic Wanes, Deeper Trends Emerge

The explosion of e-commerce over the last two years fueled a burst of creativity that will leave a lasting mark on flexible packaging, even if online sales retreat from their pandemic-era highs. The mark is...

FPA Monitors EPA Regulations of Chemicals

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of manufactured chemicals that have been used in industry and consumer products since the 1940s due to their useful properties. There are thousands of different PFAS, some...

More States Ponder Packaging Policies

2021 witnessed landmark passage of new laws on recycling and packaging policy, and 2022 is becoming a year of conflicting state perspectives over potential new laws that will govern how flexible packag­ing is made and...

At the Judges’ Table: Experts Acknowledge Fresh Looks and Designs

Three judges in the annual packaging compe­tition sponsored by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) examine the wrapping of the Celebrate HerSHEy’s Bar, a version of the iconic candy company’s mainstay. The design set off the...

Euromonitor Identifies Top E-Commerce Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic altered consumer behavior largely by accelerating trends that were already gaining traction, particularly in e-commerce. The question for retail brands and their vendors is to what degree consumers will stick to their...

All Sides Agree: Workforce Issues Need Solutions

Before the pandemic, workforce issues were a growing concern for Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) member companies. For several years, the industry faced the initial phase of the massive exit from the labor pool of retiring...

Contest Judges Offer Insights on Issues

The judges for the 66th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition have been involved in the packaging industry for decades. Jim Peters, Brian Ludwick, and Martin Golden brought their varied careers in academia, publishing, and...

3 Ways Packaging Operations Can Survive The Great Resignation

The United States has one of the fastest growing packaging markets in the world and is expected to have an annual growth rate of 3.5% between 2021 to 2026. In March 2022, the United States...

5 Trends for Industrial Inkjet Printing in 2022

Inkjet printing reduces prepress costs and make-ready waste while offering mass customization and shorter production runs. We identified these five trends and opportunities that address the fragile foundation of consumer demand and regulatory requirements.

Packaging Possibilities: How Will Shopping in the Metaverse Change Packaging Design?

One of the hottest holiday gifts last year was a virtual reality set for gaming. Globally, the VR gaming market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% from 2020...

FDA Proposed Rule for Traceability—Are You Prepared?

Perishable items and nut butters will be among foods requiring increased traceability records under FDA proposed ruling expected later this year. Automation, increased due diligence, and additional staffing are in offing for affected food processors....

FPA Announces 2022 Flexible Packaging Achievement Award Winners

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the leading advocate and voice for the growing U.S. flexible packaging industry, is pleased to announce the winners of its 66th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. The winning entries...

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