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How Packaging Suppliers Can Help Trim Costs

If you’re in the produce industry and looking to enhance your bottom line — and who isn’t — your packaging supplier may be able to lend a hand. Box suppliers, flexible packaging providers and even...

Students Demonstrate Future Workforce of Robots

If the future workplace is filled with machines running on artificial intelligence and robotics, workers will be needed to create the machines, run them, and then make repairs as the robots falter. That thinking was...

A New Era of Packaging is Emerging, Driven by Consumer Demand

Packaging has undergone a dramatic evolution through the ages, from prehistoric times to the industrial age, revolutions and wars, and into the present day. Innovation, much like in other consumer-facing industries, stands at the heart...

Advice for Entering the Flexible Packaging Industry

The flexible packaging industry is growing, making it an excellent choice for budding or current entrepreneurs ready to start a new venture. According to market research firm Spherical Insights, the market size of the global...

Expert: Merger Outlook Evolves for Label Converters

When the calendar turned to 2023, it did not offer a promising outlook for mergers and acquisitions. Interest rates were spiking, inflation was reaching record levels, and fears of recession were rampant. A spate of...

2023 Milestones: FPA Members Mark Anniversaries With Trade Association

Nearly 60 years ago, a husband and wife team named their new flexible packaging com­pany after their two sons, Glen and Roy. Today, Glenroy, Inc.—the com­pany started by Herb, Ruth, and Roy Jablonka—still operates as...

Tips for Recyclable Package Design

Welcome to Sustainable Packaging Explained, your guide to sustainable materials, methods, and package design produced by the Emerging Brands Alliance in conjunction with Packaging World. In today's episode, we will explore considerations of package design...

The Future of Digital Packaging is Bright

Digital packaging has seen good growth in recent years, led by the label segment. Allied Market Research (AMR) predicts that the global digital printing packaging market size will reach $49.9 billion by 2031, growing at...

4 Signs Your Packaging Needs an Update

Product packaging is one of the first things consumers notice; so it needs to be visually appealing. Your product appearance determines whether it sells … or sits on the shelf. An average product can benefit...

Panelists: Packaging Design Can Be Influenced Through Eco-Modulation

The basic idea behind extender producer responsibility (EPR) is to require packaging manufacturers to pay for the systems that manage their packaging waste. And EPR programs can be enhanced by giving companies financial incentives to...

Consumers Want More Sustainable Packaging But Struggle to Identify It

Retailers continue to refine what packaging they find acceptable to answer consumer demand for more sustainable solutions — and consumer goods companies must keep innovating to keep pace. With the world’s landfills and waterways littered...

Inside Top Packaging Trends

Smart Packaging. Sustainability. Packaging Design. Flexible Packaging. These are some of the top topics Packaging Digest is tracking, based on your interest. At the end of summer, interest in these topics was high! Our best-read...

A Reality Check on the Future of AI and Machine Learning for Packaging

​​​​​​​We see six ways artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you improve your supply chain. But four obstacles stand in the way. The science behind — and growth of — artificial intelligence (AI) and...

118th Congress Confronts Tech Issues

As manufacturing floors become more integrated and companies increase investments in technology, technology oversight has become an increasing area of interest to the membership of the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). The 118th Congress has...

SPMC® Gears Up for Sterile Packaging Day 2024

The Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council (SPMC®) is eagerly preparing for Sterile Packaging Day 2024, which will be celebrated at the Medical Design & Manufacturing West (MD&M West) conference on February 7. MD&M West is a...

Striving for Safety: SPMC® Continues Oversight of Packaging Excellence

Sterile packaging rarely penetrates the public’s consciousness, creating an awareness gap that the Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council (SPMC®) has been striving to close since 1994 and continues with ongoing guidance on issues affecting the industry....

Transitioning to Flexibles: New Guide Outlines Best Practices

The flexible packaging industry is entering an era of rapid transformation. Brands, particularly in the realm of consumer products, are eyeing a range of new materials to meet ambitious goals for creating more sustainable packaging....

US Consumers’ Shifting Preferences on Sustainable Packaging

As the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic and grapples with a host of new uncertainties, consumer attitudes towards sustainable packaging are undergoing significant shifts. To better understand these changes, global management consulting firm McKinsey...

Minimalist Packaging Design: What Are Its Strengths and Weaknesses?

Design, like many things, is cyclical. And that cyclical nature of trends in design, especially in branding and packaging, is about to reach warp speed. Big, bold, and bright are the three packaging Bs that...

The Hidden Truths Behind Digital Twin for Packaging Production

When it comes to designing or optimizing a packaging line, “digital twin” is all the rage today. How is digital twin different from decades-old computer simulation? One of the best pieces of advice I got...

Flexible Packaging Industry Offers a Great Place to Grow Careers

Workforce issues continue to impact the flexible packaging industry, as well as other manufacturing and nonmanufacturing sectors in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is attempting to alleviate the problem by proposing a...

Encouraging Diversity: An Interview With Kuma Roberts, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Arrowhead Consulting

Early in her career, Kuma Roberts hit a roadblock as she was climbing the ranks from receptionist to vice president of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the Tulsa Regional Chamber. The next stepping stone...

Providing Opportunity for Women: Flexible Packaging Leaders Discuss Their Careers and Opportunities for Women and Others

Women running flexible packaging companies evangelize for the industry and its opportunities for people with talent and drive. And they agree that networking, the guidance of mentors, and the power of flexible packaging provide an...

Patient Safety Central to Material Testing and Sustainability Initiatives

While all flexible packaging protects the content it contains, sterilized flexible packaging must keep its contents free of contaminants that can potentially harm a medical patient who is often receiving lifesaving care. Over the years,...

Making the Business Case for DEI: Companies Say DEI Programs Promote Growth and Enhance Values

Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have been prevalent with businesses nationwide for years now, with company leaders pushing efforts to ensure racial and ethnic diversity in the workforce. Employers say they recognize a...

6 Easy Hacks for Designing Effective Food Packaging

In modern times, people never seem to run out of new ideas. With each passing day, new inventions arise as well as new businesses. With so many soap brands, it makes it almost impossible for...

Organoleptics: Designing Sustainable Packaging That Doesn't Stink

Can the smell and taste of packaging improve a product’s connection with consumers? How the science of sensory testing is enhancing the red-hot sustainable packaging market to make it more effective and more palatable to...

Plastics Packaging Innovation: Nine Design Rules Transforming the Industry Today

The demand to improve supply chain efficiency, reduce expenses, enhance product safety, and sustain product quality is driving the demand for single-use and, too often than not, hard-to-recycle packaging. However, this linear approach to packaging...

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