FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Entry Form

In order to use the entry form below, please click here to download a PDF copy of the 2020 Official Call for Entries. The Official Call for Entries contains key information regarding eligibility, competition rules, competition instructions and entry costs.

The 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Entry Form has been simplified, consolidated and streamlined, however, it retains the same criteria attributes for evaluating technical innovation, printing and shelf impact, and sustainability, as has the Awards program FPA has used for over a decade. These attributes are what differentiates flexible packaging from other packaging formats to provide extraordinary packaging solutions.

After submitting your entry form, a confirmation message, along with your entry details will be shown below.  Please print the page for your records.

Once your form has been submitted, send at least six [6] filled and four [4] unfilled samples no later than October 25, 2019. If your packages contain perishable items, please clearly mark "Perishable" on the outside of your shipment. "Mock" samples may be used. All submitted packages become the property of FPA. If you win, we may request additional filled samples for publicity purposes. We will notify you should this become necessary. Samples will not be returned.

Send your package samples to arrive by October 25, 2019 to:

Flexible Packaging Association
Attn: Achievement Awards
185 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 105
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 


For each package entered, please provide the following. Required fields are indicated by *.




2. Is this package currently produced and sold? (prototypes are not eligible)


3. COMPANY INFORMATION (Company That Manufactured the Package)


4. PLANT INFORMATION (Plant That Manufactured the Package)







Please provide the company name(s) for each key supplier company that contributed to the development of this package including film suppliers, ink suppliers, closure manufacturers, printing press suppliers, etc.
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Provide no more than a 100-word description of this package to be used for promotional purposes. The description could include attributes such as enhanced performance, benefits, functionality and shelf impact. The description provided will be included in the FPA Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase.

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Please indicate the attribute category(ies) you are entering by selecting one or more of the following categories and provide a description of how the attribute applies to the package. Use the description for each attribute category as a guide to develop your responses. Please note that a package may be entered in one or more of the four categories at no additional cost

Entry Tip: Providing a detailed description for each attribute category you are entering your package in will increase the chances of winning an award.

**To be considered for the Highest Achievement Award, a package must be entered in all attribute categories.**

Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging

Describe how this entry advances the use of flexible packaging. (i.e., represents an improvement over an existing package, provides a new packaging solution, can be extended to other end-uses, creates a new product).

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Accepted document formats: Word, Excel and PDF.



Technical Innovation

Describe the technical innovation(s) this package represents (i.e., manufacturing and distribution, materials, structural, new uses, consumer convenience, safety, extended shelf life, intelligent/smart packaging).

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Accepted document formats: Word, Excel and PDF.




Describe the sustainability features and environmental benefits associated with this package (i.e., does it reduce emissions, energy, or solvent use during manufacturing, reduce transportation emissions and/or handling costs, reduce volume and weight, or contain recycled materials or any other environmental advancements that contribute to the sustainability of this package).

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Accepted document formats: Word, Excel and PDF.




Does the package provide enhanced printing quality, and/or graphics (i.e., type of printing used, number of colors used, ink systems employed, curing process, new or improved printing process employed, use unique inks or coatings)?
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Accepted document formats: Word, Excel and PDF.



Shelf Impact

Does the package provide strong impact and presence at the shelf (i.e., use particular colors or shape to grab attention on the shelf, use texture or other visual effects, increase customer engagement by using QR codes and/or peel-off labels)?
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Accepted document formats: Word, Excel and PDF.



Packaging Excellence

To be considered for this category, please check the box. Packaging Excellence incorporates all of the above categories: Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging, Technical Innovation, Sustainability, and Printing and/or Shelf Impact. The answers to all of the above categories will be used to evaluate Packaging Excellence. 


10. PAYMENT (if applicable, if no payment is necessary, please go to question 12)


11. Photo of Entry

Submit a photo of this entry for the judges’ books. The photo will only be used during judging and will not be included in the FPA Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase.

Accepted formats: jpg, png, gif, tif and eps





185 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 105, Annapolis MD 21401

P: 410.694.0800 E: fpa@flexpack.org

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