ALLIEDFLEX® Technologies, Inc. and BOSSAR Introduce High Speed Spouted Pouch Filling & Capping System

BOSSAR, Barcelona, Spain, introduces new BCF-2 Fill through the Spout & Capping System for packaging pre-made Standup Pouches pouches on rails. The BOSSAR BCF-2 system can be configured for Hot Fill, Cold Fill, Ambient Fill and UltraClean sanitary execution. The BOSSAR BCF-2 LINEAR system is ideally suited to handle a variety of products and Spouted Pouch Formats. The BOSSAR BCF-2 LINEAR system is a Dual Lane Linear system filling and capping @ 120-140 PPM. The BOSSAR BCF-2 LINEAR system is available in LH & RH (mirror image) orientation to provide operator convenience and optimization of valuable production floor space.

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