York University Publishes Consumer Attitudes Towards Packaging and Packaging Waste Report

Numerous studies over the past 3 years have shown that the environmental impact of a package or product is now being factored into consumer purchasing decisions. These studies have shown that consumers self-report as having a preference for products that are characterized as being “good for the environment” (i.e. readily recyclable at end of life) and are also willing to pay a premium for these products. Consumers are also expressing greater concern surrounding the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions, and have identified plastic waste, litter, and excess packaging as being priority areas of concern. In response to these concerns, both policymakers and producers have committed to the reduction of packaging waste using the following strategies: Legislatively mandated recycling and recycled content targets, development of new infrastructure to effectively manage packaging waste, and in the case of single-use plastics, outright bans depending on the product category in question.

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