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Biden’s EPA Set to Take Up Issue of Dangerous "Forever" Poisons

Hope Grosse grew up across the street from a military airbase just north of Philadelphia where she and her friends would watch firefighters practice putting out fires on old military planes. At night they would...

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to Senate Bills 582-1 to Oregon’s Senate Committee on Energy and Environmental

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is once again submitting testimony in opposition to SB582-1, as amended, having to do with extended producer responsibility programs for packaging and paper.

EPA Hears Divergent Opinions on Chemical Recycling

If a process breaks down scrap plastics into chemicals that are later used to make new plastic, should the federal government consider that “recycling?” What if the end product is a fuel that is combusted?...

Enterprise Print Group Invests in SEI Laser Labelmaster

Matik, Inc., the North American distributor for SEI Laser equipment, is pleased to announce Enterprise Print Group of Knoxville, Tenn., has purchased a Labelmaster manufactured by SEI Laser. The advanced Labelmaster provides true digital finishing...

FPA Signs Coalition Memo to New York State Senate Members Regarding S.1185B Which Seeks to Establish an Extended Producer Responsibility Mandate for Packaging and Printed Material

The undersigned organizations appreciate the opportunity to provide comment on S.1185B, which seeks to establish an extended producer responsibility (EPR) mandate for packaging and printed material. While many of our organizations support a properly structured...

An American EPR: Monopolies and Other Unintended Consequences

Nine states and Congress are considering legislation to make packaging and paper companies pay for residential recycling. Known as “extended producer responsibility”, this is not a new approach to recycling. Thirty-three states have EPR laws...

FPA Submits Testimony in Support of Rhode Island’s House Committee on Corporations House Bill 5446/Senate Bill 254

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is pleased to support HB 5446 and SB 254, which would provide regulatory certainty for advanced recycling processes and create a more circular economy for plastics in Rhode Island.

Federal Plastics Proposal Returns This Week

Two members of Congress will revive the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act, which includes a national container deposit system and other sweeping changes. Representatives from the plastics industry have countered the push. According to...

FPA Signs Coalition Letter to Colorado’s Labor & Technology Committee in Opposition to SB 21-180 Concerning Efforts to Increase Recycling in Colorado

As associations that represent foodservice packaging manufacturers throughout the United States, we respectfully oppose SB 21-180 – concerning efforts to increase recycling in Colorado. We believe this legislation takes the wrong approach, conflicts with current...

FPA Signs Americans for Free Trade’s Coalition Letter to United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai Encouraging the Removal of Tariffs

Congratulations on your confirmation as U.S. Trade Representative. We appreciate your dedication to public service and look forward to working with you on a worker-centric trade policy that benefits American workers, families, and businesses.

FPA Signs Coalition Letter to Connecticut’s Joint Environment Committee in Opposition to S. 926 for Legislation That Would Ban Consumer Packaging Containing PFAS

The undersigned organizations would like to express concerns with S. 926, legislation that would ban consumer packaging containing PFAS. The breadth of the materials covered and the lack of any thresholds, the proposed changes would...

FPA Signs Americans for Free Trade’s Coalition Letter in Support of Katherine Tai’s Nomination for USTR

The Americans for Free Trade coalition, a broad alliance of American businesses, trade organizations, and workers united against tariffs, respectfully writes in support of the nomination of Katherine Tai to become the next U.S. Trade...

Md. Retailers Concerned Pandemic Causes Issues for Proposed Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

Maryland is currently considering legislation that would ban single-use plastic bags. But some say the pandemic is complicating things. Retailers in Maryland say a nationwide shortage of paper bags could make banning plastic bags difficult. Some...

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to Senate Bills 14, 581, and 582 to Oregon’s Senate Committee on Energy and Environmental

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is submitting testimony in opposition to SB14, SB581 and SB582, having to do with extended producer responsibility programs for plastic packing, for all packaging and paper and labeling for recyclability....

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to House Bill 1488 to Washington’s House Environment and Energy Committee

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is submitting testimony in opposition to HB1488, “Relating to the management of plastic packaging materials,” which sets arbitrary rates and dates for all plastic packaging in Washington to have post-consumer...

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to House Bill 1316 to Hawaii’s House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is submitting testimony in opposition to HB1316, “A Bill for an Act Relating to Packaging Waste,” which would establish and extended producer responsibility act for packaging and paper.

Policy Draws Focus at the State and National Levels

A coalition of industry associations, brands, packaging producers and other groups released a document calling “for a national strategy to improve, advance and increase recycling in the United States.” The Recycling Leadership Council (RLC), which...

Furthering Activity with Advanced Recycling and EPR

An increasing number of state lawmakers across the U.S. are discussing legislation surrounding plastics recycling. More specifically, this legislation concerns advanced recycling or extended producer responsibility (EPR). For instance, just a few months ago, Pennsylvania...

A Blueprint for America’s Recycling Future

On January 20, 2021, on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol, the newly inaugurated President Biden offered a clear message. To achieve great things, we must work together to pursue big ideas and find...

Diverse Industry, NGO Coalition Debuts Blueprint Identifying How Federal Government Can Be Positive Force in Fixing Recycling in the United States

The Recycling Leadership Council (RLC), a broad coalition of stakeholders brought together to identify the federal government’s role in fixing the U.S. recycling system, released the Blueprint for America’s Recycling System. The detailed report provides...

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to Senate Bill 1185 to New York’s Senate Committee on Environmental Conservation

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is submitting testimony in opposition to SB1185, “An Act to amend the environmental conservation law, in relation to establishing the extended producer responsibility act,” which would establish an extended producer...

FPA Submits Testimony in Opposition to House Bill 21 to Maryland’s House Environment and Transportation Committee

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is submitting testimony in opposition to HB21, “Recycling: Prohibition on the Chemical Conversion of Plastic,” which would ban the use of advanced recycling in the state. FPA and its members...

BillerudKorsnäs Invests in a New Recovery Boiler at Frövi

To secure an environmentally improved, stable and efficient pulp and board production, BillerudKorsnäs will invest in a new recovery boiler at the Frövi mill. The total investment is estimated to SEK 2.6 billion and the...

FPA Supports Coalition Letter to Maryland’s Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee Regarding SB 195/HB 22 on Prohibitions and Requirements for PFAS Chemicals

We are writing to underscore the overreaching and unintended consequences that SB 195/HB 22 will have in its current form. We urge the Committee to work with stakeholders to consider targeted amendments that would...

FEICA Position on the Registration of Polymers

Polymers are currently not included in the registration requirements under Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006 - Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). However, in terms of Article 138(2) of REACH, a possible further review...

FPA Signs Coalition Letter in Opposition to Maryland House Bill 21

We are writing to ask you to oppose Maryland House Bill 21 which would ban use of advanced recycling in the state. Advanced recycling is an important emerging technology that helps eliminate plastic waste from...

Eric Collier Promoted to Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations for BW Integrated Systems

BW Integrated Systems, a Barry-Wehmiller packaging company, has promoted Eric Collier to Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Operations. In his six years with the company, Collier has made a significant impact on BW Integrated...

Policies to Modernize Plastics Recycling End 2020 on a High Note

2020 ended on a couple high notes for plastics recycling. One at the state level and another at the federal level. In the run-up to Thanksgiving, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed into law bipartisan legislation...

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