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Flexible Packaging Industry Overview

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Corporate Sustainability Metrics 

Corporate Sustainability Metrics for Flexible Packaging Manufacturers 
The Flexible Packaging Association commissioned Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC to conduct research to identify corporate sustainability metrics, including definitions and methodologies for what should be measured, and how it should be measured. This Report provides (1) the results of the research Corporate Sustainability Metrics for Flexible Packaging Manufacturers as well as (2) a Guidance Document intended to provide a consistent reporting method for the most frequently requested information, providing an understanding of the topic and suggestions on how to calculate the data requested.

Degradability and Compostability

The Energy Bag

During the course of 2014, The Dow Chemical Company, Republic Services, The Flexible Packaging Association, Agilyx, Reynolds Consumer Products, and the city of Citrus Heights, California, collaborated to implement a first-of-its-kind pilot in the United States. The “Energy Bag Pilot” tested the feasibility of collecting households’ non-recycled plastics (NRP) at curbside, sorting the NRP at a material recycling facility (MRF), delivering the desired/sorted-out NRP to an energy conversion facility, and effectively converting that NRP into an energy resource - all via an existing waste management infrastructure. Please click here for more information

Food Waste Reduction

  • The Value of Flexible Packaging in Extending Shelf Life and Reducing Food Waste 
    Continued research on The Role of Flexible Packaging in Reducing Food Waste and examines peer reviewed literature on extended shelf life with flexible packaging.

  • The Role of Flexible Packaging in Reducing Food Waste  
    A compilation of secondary research looking at global food waste, focusing on developed markets. It provides insight into opportunities for flexible packaging to reduce food waste, and includes several case stories of how flexible packaging reduces food waste.

  • Who's Doing What in Food Waste Reduction  (members only)

Materials Management and End-of-Packaging-Life

  • A Holistic View of the Role of Flexible Packaging in a Sustainable World

    FPA commissioned PTIS, LLC to provide a holistic view on the sustainability benefits that flexible packaging offers; provide foresight into future sustainability implications for flexible packaging; and develop six LCA case studies comparing flexible packaging to other formats across a range of products. The report focuses on the segment of the industry that adds significant value to the flexible materials, usually by performing multiple processes such as printing, laminating multiple layers, and adding coatings, all of which aid in performance of the material, improve the consumer/user experience, and/or extend the shelf life of the product. It also focuses on the U.S. perspective, though global data and context are utilized to provide a broader picture and looks at the current state for flexible packaging, while also providing foresight into potential future implications.

  • Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery Update, June 2016
    This Report provides an update on the most recent research findings, pilots, and other activities related to resource recovery of flexible packaging. It also includes a summary of the various projects, collaborative pilots/trials, municipal work groups, municipal collection programs and alternative collection/recovery models.
  • Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery Update, November 2015
    This Report provides an updated review of the FPA Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery: A Work in Progress Brochure to reflect the most recent research findings, pilots, and other activities related to the resource recovery of flexible packaging.
  • Continuing Evaluation of Resource Recovery Infrastructure and Processes   
    Continued research into solutions for collection, sortation, and processing of flexible packaging waste.

  • Who’s Doing What in Resource Recovery   (members only)
    A list of activities and projects that relate directly or tangentially to the recovery of flexible packaging waste

  • Flexible Packaging Association: LCA of Three Types of Flexible Packaging End-of-Life Options
    Examines cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of three flexible package types (juice pouch, corn chip bag, and shrink film) and three end-of-life scenarios for each. The end-of-life scenarios include traditional landfill, traditional municipal waste incineration with energy recovery (waste to energy), and energy recovery via thermal pyrolysis.

  • End of Life Overview and Recovery Options   (members only)
    An analysis of end-of-life options for flexible packaging waste, addressing barriers to recovering flexible packaging waste through material recovery facilities, collection, and developing end markets.

  • Economics of Collection and Processing Flexible Packaging Waste (FPW) to a Feedstock for Pyrolysis 
    This report examines the economics of options for implementing a collection and processing system that includes sorting and processing of flexible packaging waste.

  • Flexible Packaging Resource Recovery Alternatives to Landfill Pilot Program   (members only)
    Results of FPA pilot studies on new and emerging flexible packaging resource recovery technologies. The two-phased program utilized pre and post-consumer flexible packaging materials to successfully produce diesel fuel, industrial wax, and other materials that can be utilized as energy.

  • Identification and Assessment of Available Technologies for Materials and Energy Recovery from Flexible Packaging Waste   
    A critical analysis of the best available end-of-life technologies for increasing the beneficial use of flexible packaging wastes.

  • End-of-Life Options for Flexible Packages, Excerpt from the Battelle Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging Report   (members only)
    This excerpt summarizes end-of-life options for flexible packaging: 1) recycling, and 2) waste-to-energy. The evaluation is based on the currently available infrastructure and technologies available for collection, handling, and processing of MSW in the United States.

  • Flexible Packaging Association Energy from Waste Facility Tour Report   (members only)
    ​The Flexible Packaging Association, Sustainable Packaging End-of-Life Task Group, participated in a tour of the Covanta Montgomery Country, MD, Energy from Waste (EfW) facility on July 22, 2009. The facility is owned by Montgomery County and operated by Covanta Energy. The tour was organized by Shanna Moore, DuPont Company and conducted by Paul Gilman, Chief Sustainability Office Senior Vice President, Covanta; and, Mark Freedman, Facility Manager, Covanta Montgomery County. 

Source Reduction

Sustainable Packaging Toolkit

The FPA Toolkit provides resources for members to use to educate customers and other stakeholders about the Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging. Toolkit materials are based on the Battelle Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging Report. Included are: Flexible Packaging Sustainability Advantages Resource Guide; The Report on the Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging; The FPA Case Stories Brochure; The FPA Fast Facts Brochure; The FPA Sustainability and Flexible Packaging Brochure; Individual Case Stories; The FPA Flex Pack Rap Video; Flexible Packaging: A Sustainable Solution PowerPoint Presentation; and the FPA sustainability logos.  For more information, please click here.

Sustainable Packaging

  • Review of Non-Governmental and Other Environmental Stakeholders with Interest In Packaging
    (members only)
    An overview of non-governmental organizations and other special interest groups and stakeholders with interest in packaging.

  • Flexible Packaging Industry Segment Profile Analysis 
    This analysis provides FPA members with a profile of the U.S. flexible packaging market size (volumes and revenue) and composition by material for the various packaging formats (i.e. product packaging including bags, wrappers, lay flat pouches, standup pouches, retort pouches, lidding, shrink sleeves, shrink wrap, and stretch films; and retail carry bags, storage and trash bags).
  • New and Existing Materials for Flexible Packaging: Environmental Claims 
    This report identifies new and existing materials expected to be most important for flexible packaging and assesses the availability, benefits and environmental claims, especially for biobased and other “green” materials. This report also provides a comprehensive guide to assist the reader in making informed decisions on new and existing materials.
  • Flexible Packaging Sustainability Advantages Resource Guide  (members only)
    Describes the key findings of the FPA Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging Research Report developed for FPA by Battelle Memorial Institute.
  • The Battelle Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging Report 
    Focuses on two primary areas:Understanding the life cycle energy consumption and carbon footprint of flexible packages compared to alternatives; and exploring the options for management of flexible packages at the end of their useful lives.
  • Brand Owner and Retailer Sustainable Packaging Report 
    A comprehensive survey of 30-40 Brand Owner and Retailers in North America and Europe to better understand the sustainable packaging movement, impact of Walmart’s Scorecard process, and implications to the flexible packaging industry.
  • Sustainable Packaging Report 

    The objectives and scope of this report include: Developing an understanding of the state of the Sustainable Packaging Movement, including a perspective on the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Design Manual Walmart’s Scorecard, and other related initiatives; Compiling definitions and terminology related to Sustainable Packaging; and providing an assessment of when, where, and how Sustainable Packaging will impact flexible packaging including details on Walmart’s schedule

  • Sustainable Packaging Terms & Definitions  (members only)

Walmart Sustainable Packaging


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