FPA Sustainable Packaging Toolkit

FPA has developed a “Tool Kit” for its members to use to educate customers and other stakeholders about the Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging. Included are: The Battelle Sustainability Assessment of Flexible Packaging Report; Flexible Packaging Sustainability Advantages Resource Guide; The FPA Case Stories Brochure; The FPA Fast Facts Brochure; The FPA Sustainability and Flexible Packaging Brochure; Individual Case Stories; The FPA Flex Pack Rap Video; Flexible Packaging: A Sustainable Solution PowerPoint Presentation; and the FPA sustainability logos.

FPA Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging Webinar

On Friday, February 26, 2010, FPA held a Webinar on the Flexible Packaging Sustainability Advantages exclusively for FPA members. The goal of the webinar was to describe the research FPA has done on sustainable packaging and to introduce you to the FPA Sustainability Toolkit.

The Webinar included presentations on: Flexible Packaging Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emission Benefits, presented by Jeff Wooster, The Dow Chemical Company; Options for Managing Flexible Packaging End of Life, presented by Dr. Ron Cotterman, Sealed Air Corporation; and an Overview on How to Use the Flexible Packaging Sustainability Advantages Toolkit, presented by Shanna Moore, DuPont Company. 

To view the Webinar and download the Webinar Presentation, please click here.  (members only)

Reports and Brochures

Case Stories

Case Stories including the weight, product to package ratio, energy and emissions advantages of Flexible Packaging.

FPA Flex Pack Rap Video

A 2.5 minute entertaining video on the Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging.


FPA Flexible Packaging: A Sustainable Solution PowerPoint Presentation

A presentation FPA members can use in educating their customers and other stakeholders on the Sustainability Advantages of Flexible Packaging. The PowerPoint presentation can be used as a full presentation, or FPA members can select individual slides from the presentation to share with their customers or stakeholders.


Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) has created the four (4) logos referenced above (the “Sustainability Logos”) for the exclusive use and download by FPA members. The logos promote awareness of the sustainability advantages of flexible packaging.

Terms and Conditions of Use

As a member of FPA, subject to the terms and conditions herein, which may be modified from time to time, you may download and use the Sustainability Logos on printed and in electronic materials. By clicking “I Accept” and downloading one or more of the Sustainability Logos, you agree to the following terms and conditions of use:

  • The Sustainability Logos are trademarks that are owned by FPA and are protected by federal, state, and common law trademark laws;
  • FPA, within its sole discretion, may monitor any and all uses by you of any or all of the Sustainability Logos, and you agree upon FPA’s request to provide samples of any and all Materials containing one or more of the Sustainability Logos to FPA at the address listed below within five (5) business days of such request by FPA;
  • You will use the Sustainability Logos only on and in connection with Materials that you developed or had developed, that do not contain copies of some or all of a work or works created by third parties (that was not assigned to you) or owned by third parties (without their express written permission in advance);
  • You will indemnify FPA against any and all claims and causes of action threatened and/or initiated by third parties based on your use of the Materials that contain one or more of the Sustainability Logos, including but not limited to claims of infringement of intellectual property rights of others, libel, and false advertising;
  • You will use the Sustainability Logos on or in connection with Materials that are made available to others free of charge;
  • You agree to use the Sustainability Logos in their entirety, not alter any of the Sustainability Logos in any way, and only in the form shown, both in terms of color (Pantone colors 280 and 355) and proper trademark notice (SM or ®); once FPA has been issued a registration for one or more of the Sustainability Logos in the United States, FPA will update these guidelines to replace the SM symbol with the federal registration symbol, ®.
  • You will use the logo secondary, in size, prominence and placement, to the name and logo of your organization.
  • FPA, as a trade association, and use of the Sustainability logos, does not endorse the products, services, or technology of individual companies.”
  • You will review this web page periodically to check for updates to these terms and conditions; and 
  • You will cease any and all uses of any and all of the Sustainability Logos within ten (10) days of any such request by FPA.


Any questions regarding the use or appearance of the Sustainability Logos or information developed as a result of the Program should be address to FPA staff.

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